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Coltraco Ultrasonics strive towards creating innovative, reliable and effective equipment to provide a level of safety that goes beyond minimal compliance regulations for true safety – this is the Safeship® initiative at sea, and Safesite® initiative on land – supported by lifetime after sales customer care. We are proud to have the most prestigious award in the UK: “the Queen’s Award for International Trade” amongst awards for Safety at Sea and Innovation

We deliver the Safesite®:

We have a holistic approach to save time and cost - improving safety of life, asset and infrastructure. Operating in 109 countries since 1987, this leading British manufacturer of inspection tools and constant ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment:

  • Contents verification of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems (CO2, NOVEC™ 1230 and FM-200™, etc) via Portalevel® MAX
  • Convert liquid level to weight or mass of suppressant agent via Portasteele® CALCULATOR
  • Test compartmentation integrity in buildings and civil engineering structures to complement door fan testing, via Portascanner® 520
  • Inspect metal thickness and corrosion of cylinders + pipework via Portagauge® 3 + 4
  • Check for bearing wear and tear in rotating machinery via Portamonitor®

Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud exporters, exporting 89% to 109 countries: 40% to Asia, 10% to the Middle East, 15% to Europe, 17% to North America and the balance to South America and Africa. Our global network of Strategic Partners, ODA Service Centres and Distributors supports Coltraco Ultrasonics exporters. Exporting is at Coltraco’s core and a consequence of conducting fine science and manufacturing in the UK. Great science is based on the integrity of it, and that distinguishes how Coltraco compete.

Coltraco Ultrasonics operate in multiple market sectors: Shipping, Fire, Naval, Offshore, Power Generating, Electricity Distribution, Data Centres, Banks, Telecommunications, Marine Surveying, Rail, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing and most recently in Renewable Wind Energy.

We are:
Our ultrasonic technology is designed to be the simplest, most effective method to inspect quickly
We are committed to integrity throughout our company from design, manufacture, supply and after sales support to make sure we are world-leaders
We offer cost effective solutions as well as offering a “never beaten on price guarantee”

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