Chairman Delivers a Keynote Speech on the Key to Succeeding Overseas 

Overseas expansion: How can businesses bring their firms overseas during this challenging time? – Elite Business (

Extract: ‘Carl spoke about how Coltraco Ultrasonics lost 50% of their global markets, and how by implementing a growth strategy, they were able to soar to greater heights in international territories. “Looking back a year ago today, this day today is indelibly marked in my mind. It was the day we lost 50% of our entire global markets,” Carl said.  “In adaption to Covid-19 we reconfigured our company to become better, faster and cheaper across our global markets and refining every part of our organisation, our sales, marketing distribution, R&D production and inventory by applying our science R&D innovation manufacturing certification commercialisation loop. To integrate the commercial with the technical across all levels in the company. I’m pleased that as a consequence, we’ve never entered furlough, we’ve grown our team and we’ve created the happiest and most effective company that I’ve ever seen.” ‘

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