New International Partner for Spain & Portugal

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Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud to announce a new addition to our Global Network: Mr Bernhard Hornung, Head of Operations – Iberian Peninsula. 

During COVID-19 we are focussing our strengthening our international relationships to better support our customers and promote our range of instrumentation and systems.

Carl Hunter, CEO Coltraco Ultrasonics says:

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Mr Bernard Hornung has kindly agreed to become our Strategic Partner. Bernard will help establish agents and distributors in Gibraltar, the Kingdom of Spain and Portugal and support you on end-user enquiries.

Mr Hornung says:

I am deeply humbled and privileged in my recent appointment with Coltraco Ultrasonics and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges facing me in the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal are well known to me, having lived and worked in all three places over a period of 22 years.

Much of my infancy was spent in Lisbon and Madrid and I am fluent in both Spanish and in Portuguese. It is an exciting challenge and one which I trust gives me the chance to add value to Coltraco Ultrasonics.

Mr Hornung will support our existing relationships within these territories by providing a high level overview and helping our growing distributor network.

Our current partnerships in the region include Mr Ivan Arranz from Firescon who has kindly worked with us for a long time in the fire safety engineering sector in Spain. He distributes our FIRETEST range of fire protection products. You can learn more about our existing Global Network by clicking the link below:We are looking for new distributors and agents in the following markets:

  • Transportation (including maritime, rail, underground, automotive, airports)
  • Energy (including renewable wind and solar thermal, oil and gas, nuclear, coal, gas and electricity transmission, distribution and sub-stations)
  • Specialised Buildings (including data centres, telecommunications, mobile phone operators, banking and finance, insurance, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, universities, museums, high rise tower blocks)
  • Industrial (including metal and mining, refrigerants, fodo and beverage, paints, pharmaceuticals, chemicals
  • Defence and Government 

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