PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT goes above and beyond ISO 6183:2022

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gaseous extinguishing systems protect critical infrastructure against special hazards and are fundamental for the safeguarding of personnel and high-value assets. 

CO2 systems leak and, therefore, need to be monitored and maintained. Given that CO2 systems are designed specifically to the individual need of a room, area or building, a 10% loss of agent may render the system incapable of fully extinguishing a fire.

Continuously monitoring CO2 systems is essential for protecting occupants in the premises and mitigates financial and reputational loss to critical infrastructure in the event of a catastrophic fire.

Under ISO 6183 CO2 systems, must be continuously monitored. Coltraco Ultrasonics welcome this new regulation.

ISO 6183:2022:

Clause – The content of the containers shall be monitored continuously. Any loss of more than 10% carbon dioxide in any container shall be automatically indicated.

The PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT constant monitoring system ensures that CO2 fire suppression systems are always fully operational and that no slow leakage or accidental discharge has occurred, which could reduce the effectiveness of the systems fire protection capabilities in the event of a fire. 

The PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT goes above and beyond ISO 6183 by:

  • Providing real time live contents monitoring, showing the exact amount of agent in the cylinders, and, therefore, loss of agent to less than 1% accuracy above 10kg agent weight or 100g below.
  • In the event of any loss – with an alarm threshold set at 10% of contents within a container, in order to comply ISO 6183, the system will show you the exact amount of agent loss, including percentage loss in each individual cylinder, allowing quick assessment of the problem to allow quick and effective, and most importantly planned remedial action before a major event occurs.
  • Operating at high temperatures. CO2 has a critical temperature of 31°C, the point at which the gas behaves as a supercritical fluid, meaning liquid level testing is not possible as no liquid level is present. The PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT compensates for temperature, meaning compliance with ISO 6183 can be assured in every climate.

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