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Ultrasonic Pipework Integrity Test IndicatorFUNCTION:To detect faults, leaks to 1mm and thinning in pipework, suitable for 22mmdiameter pipe, up to 12m range. Applications include fault testing for wet & dry sprinklersystems for meeting BS EN 12845 standards for system maintenance.PART NUMBER: 3174740-PPRequest Quote*Order must be placed before 1pm UK office hours


Records PORTALEVEL® results by agent weight


Records PORTALEVEL® results by agent weight


Three Core Benefits

1. World-Class Accuracy

The most mathematically accurate unit of its type locating a 1mm leak site via visual and audible readings and identifying its extent with a definitive numerical result. Can test for faults and leaks in 10-50mm diameter pipe, 1mm up to 12m range and 1mm+ at longer range.

2. Quick & Convenient

It is a simple solution with few limitations and is easy to learn how to operate. Testing can be completed by just one person. Giving a thorough corrosion evaluation over a short period of time.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

Evaluation of multiple different areas along the pipe are possible with ultrasonic inspection. This increases the reliability in the pipeline analysis, thereby giving a better picture of problems areas in the system.


SUITABLE FOR inspection of pipes diameter of 10-50mm, through the use of a wide range of sizes of removable sealing plugs with custom alterations.

PORTABLE and lightweight, allowing equipment to be transported, carried and operated with ease

MAGNETIC BASE with it's strong magnetic base, the generator can be fitted onto the pipe or surrounding surfaces, making the system convenient and easy to use.

3 TYPES OF READINGS with a headphone port for audio reading and a digital display that can display both linear and decibel readings for visual readings

EFFECTIVE TRAINING with us thanks to our DVD & Online Training Videos, helpful for nonnative English speakers too

AUDIO INDICATION: using of a unique audio tone allows the user to distinguish whether reading is the ultrasound signal or background noise being received.

ULTRASONIC GENERATOR has a long range of 12m+

4 DIFFERENT SENSITIVITY SETTINGS - in order to allow for more precision in finding results.


LOW COST: multiple readings can be made using one device at no extra cost,

PORTABLE multiple readings can be made using one device at no extra cost, making it a great value for money product.

SIMPLE: highly intuitive operation, enabling regular testing.

NO TRAINING COSTS: free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through- life.

COST EFFECTIVE: the most mathematically accurate watertight integrity test indicator with dual decibel & linear display.

GREATER TESTING AVERAGE: The ability to test multiple locations throughout the pipes length provides a more reliable thorough view of the integrity of the system.

INSTANT RESULTS: user receives instant feedback regarding the focused area.

FOCUS AT PROBLEM AREAS: the user can target suspected areas in more detail

NON DESTRUCTIVE the testing method causes no damage to the existing system.

REPETITIVE TESTING: the system allows repetitive testing on problem areas, thereby giving the most accurate information to the user.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY a clean method of testing that does not violate any environmental codes.

ACCURATE an identify leaks as small as 1mm.

ANY APPLICATION the PortapipeTM can be used for application involving a pipeline

ANY MATERIAL the PortapipeTM is suitable for use on any material pipe line.


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How It Works

The PortapipeTM has two main components: a generator and receiver with two wands.

The generator is attached to the detection rod, the rod is then sealed into the opening of a drained pipe system using the sealing plug. The ultrasonic generator is then switched on and emits a specific frequency of ultrasound (40,000 Hz). The operator then uses the receiver at multiple locals along the pipe's length in order to indicate the integrity of the pipe's structure. Results: A higher reading will be seen at a leak or weak area.

Technical Specifications

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0.1 watt/100dB unidirectional via the wand

Mounting Arrangements

Permanent magnet


Main unit: 15cm L x 9cm W x 5cm H


550 Grams

Powered by

2 x 9V PP3 batteries

Battery life

10 hours minimum


ABS material

The generator is an ultrasonic generator with one transducer via a sealing wand. This will produce a strong signal in one direction i.e. directly from the transducer which fills the pipe being tested with ultrasound pulses e.g. providing sufficient coverage to fill the pipe. The generator is semi-fixed with a powerful magnet which allows it to be attached to the structure where required. A magnet cover is provided when the magnet is not in use.

Why Buy From Coltraco?

Story Of Coltraco

Since 1987 Coltraco Ultrasonics have been designing and anufacturing ultrasonic instrumentation for safety and servicing.

Our Commitment to Science

We are committed to designing and manufacturing the most mathematically accurate products and systems globally, supported by the highest tandards of technical support and customer care.


Our Portapipe™ is carefully hand built and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the high standards expected by our customers, and to provide them with long-term reliability.

Our Commitment to Safety

We are dedicated to being a Safeship™ and Safesite™ company, encouraging safety for safety’s sake. Our Portapipe™ is part of our range of products and systems which are all designed to offer alternative methods to traditional means of testing, for example fire suppression systems, watertight integrity, flow testing.

Ready-To-Go Package

The Portapipe™ comes in a ready-to-gopackage complete with all items required to carry out pipe integrity testing with Portapipe Generator, Portascanner Receiver, Headphones, Operating Instructions, Calibration Certificate and Carrying Case.


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