Ward & Isolation room leak tester

The Portascanner COVID-19 is the unique ultrasonic technology from Coltraco Ultrasonics capable of identifying the exact location of any leak site, measuring the air permeability of the leak, recording & exporting all the data including photograph records for maintenance and audit purposes 

Unique global technology 

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Portascanner COVID innovateUK

Ultrasonic air permeability tester


The Portascanner COVID-19 is the only device worldwide capable of using ultrasonic technology to identify the exact location of any leak site, calculate the size of that leak, record the location & severity of that leak site before then calculating the total air permeability for the room itself. 

The Portascanner® COVID19 was designed as the result of a British Government COVID19 Emergency Technology Grant in response to the need to ensure the suitability of Hospital ICU Wards to contain infection contagion by negative-pressurisation.  Negative-pressurisation is a state which ensures a significant reduction in the spread of airborne infectious diseases. Adequate ventilation requires a minimum of airtightness. Without knowing the true air tightness of a room, “patch and hope” measures are often used, i.e. taping obvious areas of leakage.

Existing methods are disruptive and costly and do not allow operators to identify specific areas of leakage. Portascanner® COVID-19 is a hand-held instrument that, with minimal training, allows hospital ward personnel to locate leaks in hospital wards, dental surgeries and clinical areas, and quantify them in terms of their cross-sectional area and the air flow rate through them, thereby generating an air permeability value for an entire ICU Ward to be compared against the required value for negative pressurisation.


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What's in the box

Portascanner COVID-19 receiver hand

Portascanner COVID-19 tablet platform

Ultrasonic sensor for identifying exact location and volume of leak sites 

Ultrasonic Generator with variable power and magnetic sensor mount 

Recharging cable 

Techical specifications


  • Height: 168mm
  • Width: 82mm
  • Depth: 31mm
  • Weight: 400g

Material Types

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (304 & 315), Iron (Cast & Ductile), Copper, PVC Lead, Nylon, Polyethene, Aluminium, Asbestos, Fibreglass, Glass

Measuring Range

1.5mm to 100mm


+/- 0.01mm

Measuring Units

Metric (mm) and Imperial (inches)


Dual Element with 0.9mm LEMO-00 cable

Power Supply

1 x PP3 9V Battery – 12hours continuous operation 

Operating Temperature

-10C to +65C / 67F to 160F

Enclosure Rating



  • Main unit – 3 Year Warranty 
  • Sensor –  1 Year Warranty 
  • Technical Support – Lifetime of the unit


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Frequently asked questions

What materials can the Portagauge 5 test?

The portable ultrasonic thickness gauge can test any type of metal and most hard plastics. The most popular metals include steel, aluminium, copper and popular plastics include PVC, Polyethene and fibreglass to name a few!

How accurate is the Portagauge 5?

The Portauage 5 is accurate at testing true material readings (ignoring surface coatings) to within 0.01mm

How to test sprinkler pipes?

The Portaguage 5 can be used to test any sprinkler pipe or other metal piping to identify areas of corrosion, locations where there has been considerable erosion, areas of fungal deterioration and other forms of metal ware. The testing process involves carrying out a series of spot checks along the bottom of the pipe. It is on the bottom of the pipe where liquid will naturally pool and thus where you are much more likely to have areas of heavy corrosion. The user simply goes down the entire length of the sprinkler pipe and continually monitors the pipe thickness and the waveform. Both should be consistent along the full length of the pipe. As soon as the thickness or the waveform begin to deviate significantly, (and they will normally do so together) the equipment has identified an area likely to be compromised and thus further physical & visual inspections will be required.

Do I need training to use the Portagauge 5?

This equipment is incredibly easy to operate, and no dedicated training is required in order to use the unit. We provide operating instructions which is normally enough to provide an operator with confidence and the required knowledge. However, every Coltraco unit comes with free technical support for the lifetime of the equipment so if you do need any further assistance, our technical team are on hand to support

How long does it take to deliver the portable thickness gauge?

These units are almost always available ex stock from the UK. Delivery to the UK is normally next day, Europe in 2 – 3 days and most of the rest of the world in 3 – 4 days from order. Please contact our sales team for an update on availability and for any other questions.

I don’t need to ignore the paint layer. Will this still work for my needs?

The short answer is yes and normally triple echo thickness gauge technology can be used for any thickness measuring applications. We do also offer our Portagauge 3 technology however which uses single echo technology and will measure paint & material as one reading.

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