Ultrasonic watertight integrity & hatch cover tester

Portable instrument for locating leaks and assessing watertightness and weathertightness.

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the world-leading fully ABS Type-Approved & RINA-Accepted watertight integrity tester for inspecting watertight and weathertight seals on ships and marine structures such as warships and offshore oil & gas platforms.

P/N: 509004-0311
NSN: 6625-99-257-8336
IMPA MSG P/N: 652778

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Ultrasonic watertight integrity tester


The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the original technology developed by Coltraco Ultrasonics to test the integrity of sealed compartments, watertight/weathertight doors, hatch-covers, and multiple cable transit areas with unique dual decibel and linear readings accurate to 0.06mm +/- 0.02mm. 

With its unbeaten accuracy and suitability for use by any operator with free training provided and no need for time-consuming, expensive courses, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the easiest way to reliably check for watertightness and weathertightness. 

Existing methods for water flow measurement are disruptive, costly, and unreliable. Hose testing, for example, may damage cargo and contribute to the degradation of seals, while violating environmental codes. Meanwhile, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is a hand-held instrument that, with minimal training, can be deployed regularly with crew in situ. 

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is used as a maintenance instrument for watertight seals, doors, cable transits, hatch covers, and bulkheads. It allows maintenance operators to ensure complete watertightness or weathertightness without needing the compartment to be subject to water ingress and can operate with a range up to 50m. 

  • Know where your leaks are and their significance – know if and when a seal requires replacing 
  • Improve efficiency and quality of watertight room maintenance – locate leaks, assess their significance, and seal the leaks that matter  
  • Grants the user the ability to fully assess a compartment or vessel prior to and during transit, meaning risks can be identified as early as possible 
  • Portable and easy to use in a 7” hand-held tablet format – can be used in-house by crew or by third party maintenance teams 
  • Ability to determine individual water leakage rates through specific walls, doors, seals etc. 
  • Ability to determine the exact location of leaks, meaning remedial measures can be taken. This is far more accurate and reliable than procedures such as chalk testing. 
  • The process is quick and procedural 


OPTION 1: decibel (dB) 

OPTION 2: Linear/ numerical 

0 dB = watertight seal 

0 – 5 = watertight seal 

1 dB – 26 dB = weathertight seal 

6 – 100 = weathertight seal 

27+ dB = weak seal compression 

101+ = weak seal compression 

high values = full leak site 

For hatch cover: above 10% OHV = leak site. 

high values = full leak site 


What's in the box

  • 1 x Portascanner® WATERTIGHT Handheld Receiver Unit 
  • 1 x Receiver Wand with Aluminium Rod Extensions 
  • 1 x Portascanner® Ultrasonic Generator 
  • 1 x Headphones 
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x Calibration Certificate 
  • 1 x Hard Wearing Carrying Case 

How to use

Place the generator on one side of the seal and turn it on. This will fill the space being tested with a specific ultrasonic frequency.

To find out more, see this video

If testing on a hatch cover or watertight door, close and seal before commencing inspection

With the user and receiver on the opposite side of the seal, scan the sensor around the edge of the seal being tested.

Portascanner Watertight
Portascanner Watertight

Listening in the headphones for quick identification and looking at the display for closer inspection, identify areas where the signal is strongest to identify leaks and mark for repair. See example below

Once repair work is complete, repeat testing until seal is secure.

To understand the process in more detail, please see this video – Portascanner Operation

Techical specifications

Receiver Unit 

Dimensions: 215x82x30mm (8.46×3.23×1.18 in) 

Weight: 420g (14.82 oz) 

Power: 1 x PP3 9V battery 

Battery Life: 10 hours continuous use (with low battery indication) 

Readings:  Visual (via LCD display and graph) or audible (via external headphones) 

Display: Membrane control operated, LCD back-lit Display measuring 55 x 28 mm 

Warranty: 3 years 


Generator Unit 

Dimensions: 112x67x25mm (4.41×2.64×0.98 inches) 

Weight: 137g (4.83 ounces) 

Output: Single 40kHz transducer, variable power settings 

Power: 2 x PP3 9V battery 

Battery Life: 12 hours continuous use 

Warranty: 3 years 


Receiver Wand 

Total Length: 310mm (12.20 inches) 

Rod Diameter: 25mm (0.98 inches) 

Warranty: 1 year 

Extension parts available for longer length 

Connected by BNC to 1m length co-axial cable 



Resolution: 0.06mm hole diameter 

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F) 

Approvals: Full ABS Type Approval; Classification Society Accepted- RINA; CE; ExVeritas ISO 9001 

Certificate: Manufactured in England with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 registered company 


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Frequently asked questions

Do the people working, or I have to leave the compartment when the equipment is being used?

No, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT can be used with people in the room, as long as they do not directly interfere with the test (i.e. standing directly between the generator and receiver).

Does it matter where I place the generator in the compartment?

It does not matter as long as there is clear line of sight between the generator and the structure being tested. Generally, it is advised that the generator should point directly at the structure to be tested, positioned with transducer approximately centred on the structure at a distance of at least half a metre.

Does it matter which side of the structure I test from?

No, it does not matter, the test should be performed from whichever side is most convenient and practical. For example, if the operator is testing a door that leads onto a corridor, we would suggest placing the generator inside the room and performing the measurements from the corridor so as not to obstruct the full width of the corridor.

If there is an emergency, can the test be stopped immediately?

Yes, there is no complicated equipment required for a test, just the generator and the hand-held Portascanner® WATERTIGHT unit. In the case of an emergency, the operator may simply leave; all that may happen is the generator will use battery power and may need to be recharged.

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