2021 launching Portascanner AIRTIGHT 520

INTRODUCING new Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 has been developed from an awareness of the possible dangers of airborne infection resulting from the pandemic and Coltraco Ultrasonics has seized this opportunity to address the global issue of testing spaces for airtightness, locating and quantifying air leaks, and possibly, influencing key national legislation, Part L.


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    Why airtightness is important & how to test

    1. Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 can be used to calculate the air flow rate through a leak. On its own, however, air flow rate does not provide sufficient information to quantify the airtightness of a room.
    2. This is because an air flow rate depends only on the physical size of the leak, the thickness of the structure through which the leak occurs, and the relative pressures on either side of the leak.
    3. Therefore, a given size of leak would result in air flowing at the same rate regardless of the size of the room into/out of which the air flows.
    4. It is clear, that if a volume of 5m3 of air per hour flowed through a leak into a compartment of 5m³, this will have a much more considerable effect than that same air flow into a compartment of 1000m³.
    5. As such, regulations usually reference air permeability or air changes per hour, which account for the size of the room.
    6. Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520, with some additional data about the room, can quantify leaks in terms of each of these metrics, as well as providing the raw air flow and the cross-sectional area of each leak individually.

    Quickly locating air leaks in buildings

    Without establishing airtightness, HVAC systems cannot efficiently deliver thermal comfort, nor can air filtration systems effectively deliver indoor air quality. Occupants must have the assurance, that they are in safe and secure environments. Portascanner AIRTIGHT 520 is part of the solution.

    Portascanner AIRTIGHT 520

    Solve Your Air Permeability Now

      ISO 14520 REGULATIONS, EN15004 & NFPA

      The Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 can also be used in follow-up maintenance checks without the need for a DFT at all. Many applications require annual maintenance, but the DFT is only a recommendation for these. In this case, Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 will provide:

      • REGULATION COMPLIANCE: Once the room has passed the DFT and is able to achieve the retention time required, periodic room integrity tests can be conducted using an ultrasound scanner to comply with enclosure integrity maintenance as listed in the ISO 14520, EN15004 and NFPA
      • NO DISRUPTION: As ultrasound technology is non-invasive, the occupants in the room can remain continuing their daily tasks without affecting the leak detection test results
      • MORE ACCURATE SERVICE QUOTES: Benefiting fire contractors and customers – as ultrasound is fast and non-invasive, a quick ultrasonic leak survey can be conducted on site to locate early leak sites. This information can assist the fire contractor’s quoting process and may act as preliminary evidence to justify the quote proposed. Overall, this practice improves the prospect of securing an initial DFT “PASS”
      • ACCURATE RECORDS: The use of an 8-megapixel camera allows users to take a photograph of their structure and mark all of the leak sites for future reference