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Ultrasonic Level Sensors

We have been providing ultrasonic level sensors for over 30 years and our liquid level instrumentations have been designed to be handheld, reliable, accurate portable inspection products. We are now meeting the current and predicted requirements of our customers and are now moving towards constant monitoring systems. Our range of products are designed to save you costs, time and risk. We welcome you to get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your testing with our ultrasonic level sensors.

Constant Monitoring Systems

Do you protect your assets with fire suppression systems?

Fire suppression systems safeguard vitally important infrastructure against special hazards.

Failure to continuously monitor fire suppression systems, which are fundamental to the protection of the workers and assets, is inadmissible. It imperils the lives of occupants of the premises. It risks incurring crippling financial and reputational loss to the facility if a fire event comprises the critical infrastructure.

Constant monitoring of fire suppression systems must be implemented: people’s lives depend upon it. We are here to help you ensure critical safety.

Why does discharge occur?

Fire suppression cylinder monitoring is essential, because the pressure switch and select valve in them commonly break.

There are cases when the select valve does not open i.e. fused and therefore the pressure switch on the delivery pipe will not be able to notify about this manual accidental discharge. If and when this select valve does not open, there is potential that accidental discharge will cause the agent in the fire suppression system to accumulate. This built up pressure may cause the manifold to burst.

In cases where the select valve opens, but the pressure switch is broken no notification will be given about the discharge. If maintenance is being carried out in the protected enclosure as well, accidental discharge could cause the protected enclosure to be filled with agent. This could potentially lead to fatality of the occupants of the manned space, but no notifications could be given about the discharge because the pressure switch is broken.

How soon can you identify discharge?

Regulations demand maintenance of the clean agent fire suppression systems to ensure that they are operational in the event of a fire: ISO 14520-1:2015(E) assumes that these systems accidentally discharge and leak. The reality is that gaseous systems are checked for contents annually because they are pressurised and anything that is dynamic offers risk of loss of contents, but this fails to deal with the probability of discharge or leakage for the 364 days per annum in the interim between certification checks.

Given the potentially fatal consequences of unintentional discharge of CO2 from fixed fire-extinguishing systems, the current ‘fit and forget’ approach to bottle valves is unsafe. Regular inspection and continuous gas weight monitoring is of paramount importance in ensuring the safety of these systems.

What range of continuous monitoring systems do Coltraco offer for fire suppression systems?

The Permalevel® MULTIPLEX is the first system worldwide that is capable of monitoring the liquid level of critical fire suppression bottle systems on a constant basis with ultrasonic sensors. It gives a facility total visibility on the real-time status of all their critical fire systems. This system is designed for 5 + bottles.

Permalevel® SINGLE POINT Ultrasonic Level Sensor monitoring solutions was originally developed for the UK Atomic Energy Sector and has now been in service for over 12 years as fixed 24/7 fire suppressant monitoring system. It is designed for up to 5 individual gas suppression system cylinders.

Permalevel® LOAD WEIGH SYSTEM offers businesses with a low-cost alternative to continuous fire-suppressant cylinder monitoring. It is capable of monitoring the contents of any number of cylinders and is ideal for CO2 systems. The unit, after being fitted to individual cylinders, closely monitors the weight of the fire suppression agents they contain.

Case studies of continuous monitoring:

CUSTOMER: Sellafield
PROBLEM: Risk of leak of hazardous material
SOLUTION: Continuous monitoring of tanks using non-invasive technology for 16 years.

PRODUCT: Permalevel® Multiplex
PROBLEM: Risk of fire suppression system contents leaking
SOLUTION: New system coming to the market - 24/7 ultrasonic sensor liquid level measurements constant monitoring to ensure the system’s integrity.

Having a Permalevel® MULTIPLEX for continuous gas weight monitoring at its source will be able to address issues related to accidental discharge. The Permalevel® MULTIPLEX can also provide immediate notification if the suppression cylinder systems has been discharged, quicker than the notification from the pressure switch on delivery pipe which could take up to 3 – 4 seconds.

With guaranteed systems operations, adaptability for purpose, 24/7 remote access to the systems status, an uninterruptible power supply and remote real-time monitoring, the Permalevel® constant ultrasonic liquid sensor offers the efficiency that is now a requirement for encompassing protection.

Looking for a lower cost solution?

Monitor your CO2 systems.
Here are 3 reasons why you should monitor your CO2 level:

  • CO2 leaks
  • A fire starts every 7 seconds around the world
  • Insufficient CO2 could mean failure of extinguishment in the event of a fire

How can you protect yourself and your facilities?

Here is a LOW COST CO2 cylinder weight monitoring device for CO2 fire systems. It is called Permalevel® LOAD WEIGH for CO2 weight monitoring.

Why use a Safesite® solution for constant monitoring?

  • Easier – automatic alarm in the event of CO2 leakage
  • Better – don’t wait for one annual check, CO2 level monitor 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Cheaper – highly competitive pricing for load weigh monitoring

What is the ultrasonic liquid level senor price?

Send an enquiry to receive pricing for any of our technology within 24 hours. Our friendly sales team will take the time to talk to you to ensure we offer the best solution for your monitoring requirements.