Permalevel® Load Weigh

The Permalevel Load Weigh is the fixed weight monitoring system for standard 45kg CO2 fire suppression cylinders.

Fixed Weight Monitoring System
P/N: 2594650-PML-LW

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This mechanical counterweight system provides a simple, easy to install, low cost and low maintenance method of constant monitoring for fire suppression cylinders and espeically monitoring 45KG CO2 cylinders.

Each cylinder is suspended beneath a counterweight system. When the cylinder is fully charged, the arm of the counterweight will hang horizontal. As the agent is discharged, the weight reduces and the counterweight arm will fall, indicating a leak.

The falling arm allows for very quick visual indication of any leaking cylinder. The system itself can also be fitted with a variety of remote alarms, including actuators, infrared or mechanical trip mechanisms. This allows for more sophisticated monitoring methods to provide instant alerts in the event of discharge, including integrating a variety of local visual or audible alarms, warning people that potentially dangerous levels of CO2 might be present near the cylinders.

Alarms are typically triggered when the agent mass decreases by 5% or more however, it is possible to adapt the system for each customer requirement.

The CO2 cylinder weight monitoring system, whilst mainly used on 45KG / 100lbs CO2 cylinders, it can be used on any tank up to about 250KG weight. The system is incredibly flexible and can be easily adapted for any application depending on the cylinder, weight, agent or communication requirements of the customer.


Core Benefits

Low Cost
The lowest priced model in Coltraco’s Permalevel™ range

Fully manageable ‘in house’
No need for third-party access to high-security sites once the contractor has installed the system

No Power Connection needed
Due to the purely mechanical nature of the system

Highly Flexible 
System can be easily adapted for different requirements, cylinders and alarm requirements

Very Simple Installation
Minimal training or specific skills are required for install. Quick and easy to fit reliably.

Little maintenance required
Due the mechanical nature of the system


Major Limitations

Only monitors CO2 type seamless cylinders
If you want to monitoring clean agent or seam welded cylinders then would recommend considering alternative technologies such as the Permalevel Multiplex or Portalevel Touch Fixed variant.

Low accuracy indications 
The system counterweight triggers at a 5% or 10% weight loss. If you need a higher degree of precision, We would recommend the much more accurate sister product, the Permalevel Featherweight® . This system also has higher communication capabilities

Portalevel MAX® also available for portable cylinder inspections.

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