Permalevel® Multiplex

The Permalevel Multiplex provides fixed monitoring for fire suppression cylinders. It is designed for larger systems with over 5 cylinders and has advanced communications systems for remote data relay.

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The Permalevel® Multiplex is the fixed level monitoring system, mainly used for fixed fire suppression cylinder level inspection.

The Permalevel® Multiplex provides the ability to constantly monitor the liquid level of fire suppression agent in any fire suppression systems. This allows any facility to significantly enhance their ability to ensure critical infrastructure and people are protected against the risk of fire.

Whilst annual servicing is crucial to ensure systems are working, they do not guard against the risk of discharge, from the day after the service. This means a discharge could go unnoticed for many months and thus risk the system not functioning properly in the event of a fire.

With full communication capabilities allowing for remote, SMS, relay or local alarm options, the Permalevel Multiplex® allows for complete protection with any critical facility.

Features of Permalevel Multiplex

MULTIPLE ALARM OPTIONS: a Master Alarm output. The multiplex has an RS232/485 output allowing communication with a central monitoring system or PC

STATUS OF EACH CHANNEL SHOWN BY LEDs: A set of green and red LED lights indicate the status of each cylinder.

TEXT/EMAIL ALERTS: Provide an instantaneous and convenient form of data communication.

UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY: Backup system provides power in the event of mains power failure.

DATALOGGING ABILITY: The software keeps logs of the system activity, errors and alarm trigger on a monthly basis.

STRONG MAGNETS: Hold the sensors in place with additional space for adhesive or a strap to ensure sensors are not accidentally removed. SENSORS: Each monitoring point has its own dedicated sensor which is connected to the cylinder it is monitoring.

REMOTE REAL-TIME MONITORING SCREEN: Displays information about the current status of the cylinders, and when last contact was made.

COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE CYLINDER TYPES: Each channel can be individually tuned, therefore each cylinder can be different from the last in size, weight, pressure and agent type.


Advantages of Permalevel Multiplex

Guaranteed systems operations – no accidental discharge from cylinders minimises risk of fire to ensure business continuity

24/7 remote access to system status – enables the operator to monitor each cylinder point in real time

Bespoke and reliable software – also designed to be user friendly so that the on-site maintenance team can quickly identify and rectify any issues

Monitors a wide range of verifiable agents – for example, FM200TM , NOVECTM 1230, CO2, Halon 1301, FE-13TM , FE-25TM , NAF S 125TM , NAF S 227TM , NAF-S-IIITM and CEA-410

Highly accurate – our sensors are proven to measure the liquid level accurate to +/- 1.5mm

Immediate notifications – in a variety of formats. The system has a standard relay that triggers an alarm the minute the liquid level drops below the required level. If the alarm is triggered, the on-site maintenance team can quickly respond to the threat this poses.

Non-Invasive – Uses ultrasonic technology which DOES NOT require physical insertion into the cylinder and therefore DOES NOT weaken the structural integrity of the cylinder

Retrofitting available – to existing systems which eliminates downtime as the system doesn’t have to be disconnected/deactivated

Technical Specifications of Permalevel Multiplex

POWER SUPPLY STATUSMain Power Supply and UPS active LED indicators
UPS LIFETIMEUp to 24 hours
CHANNEL SENSITIVITY CONTROLSGain (Power Gain), Trip (Alarm Trigger Level) and SPA (Additional Power) knobs for each channel
LOCAL SYSTEM CONTROLSChannel Select, View Settings, Channel Calibration, Special Power Application Toggle, Alarm Cancel
LOCAL VISUAL ALARMS4 status LEDs per active channel. 3 green LEDs indicate signal level, 1 red indicates alarm
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS440mm x 350mm x 13mm


Permalevel Multiplex Data Monitoring

Remotely monitor the ongoing status of your facilities’ fire suppression systems by installing Permalevel Multiplex and using our flexible web- based cylinder monitoring software that uses intuitive management tools; giving confidence and control to safety managers around the world.

EFFICIENCY – reduce the need for labour by introducing remote, autonomous monitoring; the systems is mobile-device friendly so it is readily available on any hand-held device with web access

ASSET MANAGEMENT – protect your people, data, and high value assets by improving your safety management regimes by going above and beyond simply complying with regulations

INSURANCE – protect yourself against claims raised in the event of fire by showing your facilities have been protected and well maintained. The data output is audit controlled which thereby acts as evidence if called upon by insurance companies

Real-time automated alerts and exception reporting are relayed to the person in charge of the safety of the facility directly by email or to their handheld device by SMS, without the need for the individual to be present at the facilities.

Levels of Monitoring Available

BASICLocal alarm only
BRONZEPlus remote alert
SILVERPlus monthly status reporting
GOLDPlus analytic reports, metrics, comparisons to other systems & visualisatiion (Google Maps)
PLATINUMPlus PortaCare® total care maintenance programme over 5-years with additional data reporting and health-check service
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