Permalevel® Single Point

PermalevelTM Single Point is a non-invasive fixed level monitoring system. It is highly flexible and suitable for a wide variety of different tank sizes and liquids. Also provides economical monitoring solution for low volume fire cylinder applications.

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The Permalevel Single Point® is a fixed level monitoring system, providing 24/7 surveillance for a wide variety of liquids, tanks and applications.

The basic setup of the Permalevel® Single Point includes the main monitoring unit, which is positioned close to the application being monitored and fully wired into the local mains power. Fitted with a Universal Power Adapter, it can take any input from 80 – 240V. A sensor then runs from the main unit to the tank being monitored, and is fixed in position, just below or above the liquid level being monitored, depending on what is required. A 4-20mA Relay Output can then be integrated into any alarm method. This can include any variety of audible or visual alarms or id required, integrated into local control panels to provide remote alarm capabilities. This system will then continue to monitor the liquid level of the tank. As soon as the liquid level rises or falls below the specific point being monitored, the alarm will be triggered and the facility can take action accordingly.

This very flexible system has also been setup in more complex applications, with the relay output controlling pumps for example. In this example, pumps can be activated or turned off as tank levels vary and units can also be installed in parallel, with multiple points working in tandem for more complex control operations.


Features of Permalevel Single Point

STRONG MAGNET: Holds the sensor in place with additional space for adhesive or a strap to ensure they are not accidentally removed

RETROFFITNG AVAILABLE: Able to retrofit to existing systems which eliminates downtime as the system doesn’t have to be disconnected/deactivated

LCD AND LED DISPLAY: A set of green and red LED lights indicate the status of the cylinder

4 – 20MA RELAY OUTPUT: This sends information back to the control panel or local hub to alert in event of level alteration

MONITORS A WIDE RANGE OF VERIFIABLE AGENTS: for example, FM200TM, NOVECTM 1230, CO2, Halon 1301, FE-13TM, FE-25TM, NAF S 125TM, NAF S 227TM, NAF-S-IIITM and CEA-410

REMOTE REAL-TIME MONITORING SCREEN: Displays information about the current status of the cylinders, and when last contact was made

COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE CYLINDER TYPES: Each cylinder has its own monitoring unit, the settings on which can be optimised for the cylinder type


Advantages of Permalevel Single Point

EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVE: to the dangerous method of weighing cylinders or unreliable mechanical pressure gauges

EASY INSTALLATION: During the installation the system remains online. This is an essential feature for critical infrastructure as downtime is eliminated

INSTANT NOTIFICATION OF LEAK: An early detection enables a fast reaction and the minimisation of risk

INDIVIDUAL CYLINDERS CAN BE MONITORED: Allowing for complete safety of assets and personnel

HIGHLY ACCURATE: Our sensors are proven to monitor the liquid level accurate to +/- 1.5mm

SYSTEM IS WHOLLY MANAGEABLE ‘IN HOUSE’: No third party access necessary which is beneficial for high-security sites

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