Portagauge® 3

3rd Generation
Portable Ultrasonic Single Echo Thickness Gauge
P/N:2099382-PG3 | NSN: 6680-99-192-2735
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The Portagauge 3® is the low cost ultrasonic thickness gauge, ideal for the vast majority of inspection requirements, including corrosion testing. Low cost, simple, highly robust and Made in UK

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The Portagauge 3® was designed to be as simple and durable as possible. With only 2 controls (on & off) the device offers an effortless, plug and play method for quickly inspecting large metal surfaces. Of all the units manufactured by Coltraco, this is undoubtedly the easiest to operate! Accurate to 0.1mm, the unit is primarily used for corrosion and condition inspections. The device can very quickly help the user find internal corrosion in structures and because it is so quick to operate, large surface areas can be quickly inspected. This is especially valuable when inspecting pipework, hulls, process machinery and other applications with particularly long metal structures.

With a hard aluminum case and significant internal electronic protection, the Portagauge 3 can survive very rough handling. A variety of different sensor options are also available, including:

  • 6mm Thin Material probe – measuring range of 0.1mm to 50mm and ideal for thin diameter applications such as small pipework
  • 10mm Standard Probe – measuring range of 1.5mm – 99.9mm and ideal for the vast majority of measurement applications
  • 12mm High Temperature probe – 4mm to 99.9mm and capable of operating on metal surfaces up to 70C / 160F

Stay Compliant With The Regulations
Portagauge® 3 enables you to go above and beyond regulatory compliance.

NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

9.2.7 Tests During Interior Inspection. Where a drained interior inspection of a steel tank is required by, the following tests shall be conducted:

(3) Non-destructive ultrasonic readings shall be taken to evaluate the wall thickness where there is evidence of pitting or corrosion

(5) Tank bottoms shall be tested for metal loss and/or rust on the underside by use of ultrasonic testing where there is evidence of pitting or corrosion

NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler System

References made to NFPA 25 for regular inspection, testing and maintenance.


How it works in 3 Simple Steps

1. Connect the sensors to the unit (red to red and black to black)

2. Press the “On” button on the Portagauge® 3 unit.

3. Place the sensor firmly on the metal surface that you are testing and the Portagauge® will instantly tell you a measurement of the metal thickness in mm.

Five Core Benefits:

1. Quick testing allows the user to test a large range of metals within a short period of time. Simple enough for any operator, with quick training for reliable and accurate testing.

2. Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications: fire cylinders, ship hulls, pipework, storage tanks. Ability to work on heavily corroded metal.

3. The simplicity of Portagauge® 3 means reliable results are achieved at the lowest cost to our customers. The quality units are built to ensure they meet high standards.

4. Highly accurate units – measurements in steps of 0.1mm from 1.5mm – 99.9mm.

5. Portable unit, lightweight, compact and with long-term reliability.

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