Re-launching Portascanner® WATERTIGHT with SONIC POWER new additional bulk generator

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT SONIC POWER is a ultra powerful generator, with 16+ sensors for widespread reach, >12,000m3 coverage for extra large holds, for placing at the base of cargo holds or on hatch coaming.

Designed to inspect watertight and weathertight integrity of hatchcovers for the largest vessel hold sizes. Stop hose or chalk testing. Choose better, faster and cheaper ultrasonics for pinpoint precision. Inspect watertight and weathertight integrity of hatchcovers. Save costs long term.

Sonic Power


  • Protect against cargo claims by ensuring no water ingress
  • Use alongside industry leading Portascanner® WATERTIGHT (ABS and RINA Approved) – find leaks to 0.06mm
  • Enhanced generator recommended for extra large holds above 12,000m3
  • Ultrasound is the ideal alternative to high pressure hose or chalk testing
  • Numerous multi-directional transducers for maximum hold coverage
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