Proudly introducing Mr Andrew Kim, our Head of Korean Operations, Fire Safety

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We are proud to be working with Mr Andrew Kim who is our partner in the Fire Safety market in South Korea. He is already highly engaged with our distributors in Korea. He is opening up the Korean market and educating our customers there as to the benefits of ultrasonic technology for monitoring fire suppression systems, instead of using radioactive equipment. Our CEO Mr Carl Hunter enjoyed meeting him at KorMarine 2015 when Andrew told him:

I’m delighted to start working as its member with Coltraco for its wonderful ultrasonic liquid level indicators in the Korean fire safety market.

It was always a headache to find an excellent liquid level indicator for gaseous fire extinguishing agents while I was working at Siemens Korea where I was responsible for the industrial plant market as a managing director. Korea has been using radioactive liquid level indicators for gaseous fire extinguishing systems such as CO2, FM-200, NOVEC, FE-13, and HFC-125, but the specific radioactive LLI has caused a lot of problems in Korea, partly due to the proper radioactive source handling and removal issue and the necessity of hiring a radiation expert at each company. There seemed to be no alternatives to the radioactive LLI until I have found these wide range of wonderful, safe-to-use, and environmentally-friendly LLI models of Coltraco.

I’m also very grateful to Coltraco people for their sincere support and information on invaluable Coltraco products.”

If you are in Korea and would like to work with us through Andrew, please email [email protected] and copy in [email protected].


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