Revolutionize Your Tank Liquid Level Detection with PORTATANK®.

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Tired of outdated tank level gauges?

Say hello to the Portatank® – the ultimate handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Transform the way you measure liquid level in tanks!

No drilling. No downtime.

Portatank® is non-invasive, portable and works through the side walls of your tanks, delivering accurate measurements to an impressive accuracy of +/-10mm..

It’s time to eliminate the hassle and experience precise measurements like never before.

Why choose the Portatank®?

  • External, side-wall, non-invasive testing (no system downtime or contamination)
  • Measures any tank size (0.5m – 15m)
  • Safe – no contact with liquid required
  • Portable and battery powered

Where has the Portatank® been used?

Enabled Efficient Liquid Level Control in a Slovakian Food Processing Factory.

  • Tested large steel tanks, at 4.5 meters in height
  • Implemented a simple liquid level control system
  • Allowed the plant to run more efficiently

Tested at a large public service infrastructure facility providing electricity and water services in the UAE.

  • Inspection done on “live” transformers
  • Detected oil levels through side-walls
  • Saved time and money

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