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Coltraco Ultrasonics proudly support customers with Server Rooms, in the Data Storage, Data Centre, Telecommunication & Mobile Phone Operators, Banking, Finance and Insurance Sectors

Telecommunications & Data Centres Products

permalevel featherweight


portalevel max

Portalevel® MAX

portascanner 520

Portascanner® 520

portascanner airtight 520

Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520

portasteel calc

Portasteele® CALCULATOR

Customers include China Telecommunication Guangzhou, National Bank of China (Beijing), P2ML and an Oxygen Reduction System in a UK Data Centre. High value server rooms cannot afford the cost or downtime as a result of fire or damage to the facilities. Coltraco Ultrasonics support customers in delivering the Safesite®: a holistic approach to save time and cost – improving safety of life, asset and infrastructure with world-leading ultrasonic technology to test  fire systems. Use globally award-winning ultrasonic technology to test fire suppression systems, compartmentation and condition monitoring. Industry experts in liquid level testing of fire suppression systems, industrial tank contents, converting liquid level to weight, room integrity testing, sprinkler flow rate testing, metal thickness, corrosion testing and engine/pump bearing wear and tear.

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