Student Engagement Programme

We have been committed to our Student Engagement Programme for the last 7 years. Starting primarily at Durham University due to our CEO Carl Hunter and Head of Marketing & Communications Clare Hunter being Durham Alumni. Carl has since received an Honorary Doctor of Science from Durham University for his commitment to student development and his contribution to Physics; he is also currently a Professor-in-Practice at Durham Business School.

Current Internships / Part-Time Jobs Available

Are you a student looking for business experience or a paid job opportunity part-time during university? Get in touch with our Head of Marketing & Communications and submit your CV and Cover Letter. Below are the current opportunities - accurate as of 04.06.2019 – but get in touch if you don’t see exactly what you are interested in.

App Developer / Web Designer

Work on Coltraco’s award-winning apps and website which have been written in both Java and Kotlin (mostly Java) and Coltraco requires a suitable part-time developer to continue developing these applications. Individuals who are experienced in both job areas are desirable, although we are open to hiring different individuals for each job. Knowledge of Java is key. Good at UX design.

Communications, Public Affairs, Government Relations, CEO Researcher

Very dynamic role working directly with the CEO on research for him ranging from company specific issues to national and international ones. Skills required are excellent communications, personable skills, and an interest in public relations and interacting with Government. Will shadow current position for 3-6 months before taking on the job full-time ideally from Sept-Dec 2019.

Sales – dynamic, international customer facing role

“Sales” is often a dirty word at University – mistakenly so because sales is critical to all business. Sales is exciting, closely engaging with fellow team members and with customers to ensure we fulfil customer requirements. Working in 108 countries across 17 market sectors from shipping to renewable energy, hotels to banks, there is huge potential to grow this role into project-led or business development working with our global network.

Marketing – exciting role for a tech start up

Broad role in marketing for a sister company of ours. Specific requirements are improving the website content (no coding required), engaging our customers through direct marketing and social media. Potential Direct customer relations and linking with the team to fulfil customer sales.

Advice to Student Applicants

We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated, honest, hard-working individuals. You can benefit from our flexible, modern work style which aims to deliver security, prosperity and happiness for both you and our company. We will value your contribution and feedback.

Our Commitment to Students

We promise to act with integrity, to help develop your skills and give you experience of an award-winning world-leading British business. We never allow unpaid work and promise to pay much above the National Minimum Wage.

Links with leading Universities

Universities we have links with currently. We welcome engagement with other world-class educational institutions.

Feedback from Students


Worked part-time in marketing, sales and research. Now full-time Assistant Marketing & Communications at Coltraco Ultrasonics.
“Coltraco Ultrasonics is a happy, dynamic and interesting company and the work done through the Student Engagement Programme helped me in my professional development and business skills. I warmly recommend anyone who is considering the Student Engagement Programme, to apply to such an exciting company.”


Worked part-time in R&D and Central Research Unit. Now Business Development Executive at Nexcel (part of BP).
“I have always felt valued by the business, and feel this is representative of a business that genuinely lives up to the values and principles it sets-out (something or a rarity in my experience). [sic] The great benefit in working for Coltraco is the close level of personal development and progression that is afforded to each employee.”


Worked part-time in R&D and Central Research Unit. Now Operations Management Graduate at Rolls-Royce.
“The thing I have enjoyed the most is the breadth of projects I have been able to work on. [sic] It has also given me my first proper experience of working in a professional company which I have found enjoyable. [sic] An invaluable experience which will be useful for the future.”

Seen at Durham University

Discover how we are involved with Durham University.


Student Engagement Programme at Durham University via our Head of Marketing & Communications Clare Hunter who studied Theology

WATCH: Durham University Theology Department Video about “from studying Theology and Religion to your future” – Clare features from 1:35

Date: 14 March 2019


Women in Business Mentors

Clare and Chloe are both Durham University Women in Business Society (DUWIB) Mentors.

This is the first year DUWIB are running a mentorship scheme and both Chloe and Clare are delighted that their mentees have secured multiple graduate job opportunities.

Clare was Vice President of DUWIB during her time at Durham University and supports students looking at working with SMEs and drives equality of Women in Maritime today.

Date: Oct 2018-July 2019


Durham University IMPACT Magazine – Leadership in uncertain times


CEO Professor-in-Practice at Durham Business School

Our CEO has been confirmed by the Vice-Chancellor of Durham University as Professor-in-Practice at the prestigious Durham Business School lecturing from January 2019 on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supporting the Business School in building capability with respect to data and decision sciences. Durham Business School was ranked UK No 1 and world No 3 by the Financial Times Top MBA’s for economics 2018.

Date: 01 Oct 2018


The Great Hatfield-Castle Reconciliation – Durham – Feb 2018

The Vice Chancellor and Dean of Durham University and Durham Cathedral kindly invited our CEO to join HRH The Prince of Wales in Durham. We thank Mr Andrew Harston for the special opportunity for our CEO to cross the thresh-hold of University College for the irst time in 30 years.

Date: 02 Mar 2018


CEO at Durham University - 15 February 2018

Our CEO was honoured to join HRH The Prince of Wales, the Vice-Chancellor and leadership of Durham University at Durham Cathedral today. With appreciation to Andrew, Bruno, Andrea and Lauren of the wonderful Durham Development team.

Date: Feb 16 2018


George and Adrian with Professor Paula