Strategic Partners:

Strategic Partners in Asia

Singapore - Mr Raphael Francis J - Head Of Operations – Singapore

Mr Raphael Francis is Coltraco’s Head of Operations in Singapore. Raphael has nearly 20 years experience in precision process engineering focusing on instrumentation technology and considerable experience in the aerospace, defence, hospitals and buildings, infrastructure, transportation, marine, ship building, oil and gas, petrol chemical plants and pharmaceutical and advanced engineering, process and manufacturing sectors.

Permalevel® Strategic Partner in Malaysia - UMW Industrial Power, UMW Equipment Division

We are proud to confirm the new partnering with UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd (UMW) as our Fire Safety Partner. The UMW Group is a leading Industrial Enterprise with diverse and global interest in the Automotive, Equipment, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Oil and Gas Industries with 7 branches in Malaysia. We see this exciting teaming as a reflection of the long historical and strong trading ties between the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Our CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “I greatly admire UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd and the President of UMW Equipment Division Mr Lee Chin Min and am grateful for UMW wishing to become our exclusive Strategic Partner, Fire Safety in Malaysia to encompass all of our products for the fire sector but primarily our fixed monitoring system Permalevel™ Multiplex for high asset value customers seeking to secure risk mitigation of their clean agent systems and business continuity and to become our ODA Service Station for its installation and maintenance in 2017.”

President of UMW Equipment Division: Mr Lee Chin Min says: “UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd is proud to be a business partner with Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited to deliver the latest Safesite & Safeship monitoring system technologies to the Malaysian customers at critical infrastructure on land and at sea. We are truly honoured to work with Coltraco to enhance and strengthen the safety performance at these infrastructures in Malaysia.”

Mr Desmond Lim, Senior Manager UMW says, “We enjoyed a great meeting and shared the history and business structure of UMW with Dr Hunter… I am looking forward to great business opportunities between UMW and Coltraco.”

Asia - Introducing Ms Karin Singh – Asia Sales & Marketing

Formerly of Air India and with a wealth of professional experience in Customer Relationship Management and brand development, Ms Singh will kindly support Captain Amit and our Sales Team in the development of the non-marine sectors in India and Sri Lanka and across Asia.

Malaysia - Our Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Partner in Malaysia

Mr Jimmy Wong, Managing Director of Keisha Marine and our Marine Partner is now also our exclusive Oil and Gas Partner in Malaysia. We are grateful to be able to grow this relationship with the astute and dynamic man that Mr Jimmy Wong and his team.

Singapore - Mr William Marie Chong – Inspiration in Asia

We warmly congratulate Mr Chong for the conferment upon him of the Surakarta Royal Nobility Title, Kanjeng Raden Aryo William Marie Chong Adinagoro.

Korea - Head of Operations in Korea

Our Head of Operations in Korea and industry veteran Mr Andrew Kim is at the core of our success in Korea across both our ultrasonic and highly capable Permalevel™ Multiplex & mechanical Permalevel™ Loadweigh fixed monitoring system for CO2, FM-200™ and NOVEC™ 1230 with L&P Korea as well as our Portalevel™ MAX portable liquid level indicators with KEI, Portalevel™ Original with B-I Industrial and Portalevel™ Standard with Tyco Marine and Poratlevel™ MINI with Wonwoo.

Japan - Ace International, Japan – Partners for MOL, Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and Coast Guard of Japan

Ace International Trade Company are our exclusive partner for MOL, the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and the Coast Guard of Japan. We wish to express our gratitude to Ace International’s esteemed Chairman Mr Shibasaki san and President Mr Matsuzaki san and to Mr Hamada san, Mr Takato san, Mr Yamaguchi san and to Mr Tagamori san.

Japan - Visiting our Japanese Partners

Our Director of Sales, Mr George Hunter, is in Tokyo, Japan this week visiting our Shipping customers, Fire Safety and Marine Partners in Japan and following the visit by Head of Research & Development, Mr Sam Watson in 2015. We see great opportunities between our countries. Both the UK and Japan are maritime nations, island countries in proximity to large continents and at the centre of technical innovation, technological leadership and global trade. Both countries are constitutional monarchies and of similar geographical size, share similar northern seasonal climates and are mutually equidistant from Eurasia. Perhaps most importantly both share an adherence to propriety in social and business relationships. We are proud to be meeting with our longstanding partners DKSH, Ace International , Nichibou and exhibiting with Fuji Trading at the Sea Japan International Maritime Exhibition & Conference 2016 this week.

China - Introducing General Manager, Fire Safety in China

Mr David Cao is General Manager, Fire Safety - Coltraco China. A fire industry professional, David will kindly help oversee our Fire Safety operations in China for both our portable Portalevel™ range of products and our fixed monitoring system for CO2, HFC-227, FM-200™ & NOVEC™ 1230, Permalevel™ Multiplex, developing and co-ordinating our Partner companies and Distribution network in China and supporting the business development of customers in critical infrastructure and our presence in China.

Korea - Our Commitment to Korea

Our CEO visited Seoul in Korea with Mr Andrew Kim our Head of Korean Operations. Meetings were held with the leadership and senior management of our partner companies Kunkook, L and P and Wonwoo.

China - RMS Marine Supply– Our Marine Partners in China

Coltraco and RMS Marine Supply co-exhibited at MARINTEC 2015 in Shanghai last week. Led by the wonderful and professional Ms Cindy Fan, Vice President, RMS very kindly supported the stand with a wonderful team from RMS. Meeting customer shipowners and ship builders across China Coltraco and RMS are working jointly across our Portascanner™ Watertight and our IMO SOLAS compliant Portalevel™ MAX Marine and Portamarine™ model types all of which have IMPA part numbers.

Korea - Coltraco partner for South Korean Shipbuilding industry

SMS are our partner in the shipbuilding industry. They will be supporting our Portascanner® Watertight ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator for checking hatch-covers, doors and cable transits on vessels.

Korea - L&P Co. Limited, Korea - Special Projects Partner with Coltraco

It is with great pleasure that we have finalized an agreement with Mr Chang Pyung ,Chung Int. P.E fire, Chairman , L&P Co.,LTD, who says : “It is our great pleasure to be a Coltraco Ultrasonics Ltd strategic partner for developing Permalevel™ market in Korea. L&P is sure that our working together will help fire protection and loss prevention effectively. “

Korea - Proudly introducing Mr Andrew Kim, our Head of Korean Operations, Fire Safety

We are proud to be working with Mr Andrew Kim who is our partner in the Fire Safety market in South Korea. He is already highly engaged with our distributors in Korea. He is opening up the Korean market and educating our customers there as to the benefits of ultrasonic technology for monitoring fire suppression systems, instead of using radioactive equipment. Our CEO Mr Carl Hunter enjoyed meeting him at KorMarine 2015 when Andrew told him:

Korea - Commitment to Asia – Kormarine - October 2015

Over the last week we have met with some of our existing and candidate Asian partners including Kunkook E&I in Korea and Keisha Marine in Malaysia. At Marintec 2015 in Shanghai in December it is hoped that we will consolidate our growing relationship with RMS Marine Services in China.

Singapore – Multron Systems

Ms Karen is in Singapore at FDA Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel 28 September – 01 October 2015 exhibiting our UL-listed Portalevel™ MAX unit with Multron Systems.

Taiwan - Exhibiting & Advertising at the Fire & Safety Road Show in Taiwan – Sept 2015

We are delighted to announce that our partner in Taiwan, Asahi Sunrise Co., Ltd., was exhibiting and advertising on our behalf at Fire & Safety Road Show developing our presence in the fire sector in Taiwan.

Hong Kong - Coltraco Opening Hong Kong Office in April 2015

We are proud to announce that we are opening our office there next month in April.

Japan - Portalevel MAX Nippon - Anglo-Japanese Partnership

Coltraco launched in Tokyo today 2 units dedicated to the Japanese market: Portalevel™ MAX Nippon and Portalevel™ Mini Nippon. Both liquid level indicator units have been designed and configured with DKSH our partner in Japan to support the Japanese fire safety market in fire engineering companies, data centre’s, high rise buildings, power generating & electricity distribution companies.

Japan - Partner DKSH in Tokyo

Our CEO has enjoyed several meetings in the snowy city of Tokyo, including with our longstanding Japanese partners in the fire safety sector DKSH. This relationship was initiated through Clay and Co which was established 1929 and acquired by DKSH in 2012. Dedicated products are being released into the Japanese market by DKSH including Portalevel® MAX Nippon and Portalevel® MINI Nippon.

Strategic Partners in South Asia

Strategic Fire Safety Partner in India - Captain Amit Raj Mehrotra

Captain Amit Mehotra is our Fire Safety Partner in India responsible for all onshore fire safety business in and establishing a national dealer network for our range of portable UL-approved Portalevel™ MAX, Portalevel™ DATALOGGER , Portalevel™ MINI and Zone 1 ATEX approved Portalevel™ INTRINSICALLY SAFE model types and our leading edge technology monitoring system, Permalevel™ MULTIPLEX. A Coltraco ODA Service Station to support fire customers & install the system will be established at Intime Fire in 2017.

Strategic Marine Partner in India – Navicom

Commander (Ret’d) Vikesh General Manager of Navicom are our Naval and Shipping partners in India. Navicom, focus on the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Shipyard & Ship Repair and private Shipping customers in India. Supported by NCGB Marine our marine ODA Service Station in Bombay and Calcutta and with thanks to Ms Sreya and Mr Basu for the maintenance, repair, calibration & spare parts support of our equipment supplied to Marine & Naval customers in India.

Strategic Partner in Pakistan – MAB Group of Companies

Captain Syed Ali, owner and CEO of MAB Group of Companies is our Permalevel Multiplex strategic partners and our authorised distributor in Pakistan for our UL-approved Portalevel MAX and its marine variant Portalevel™ MAX Marine. It is hoped that MAB Group will become operational as our ODA Service Station in 2016 to enable stocking, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and calibration to be conducted in-country for the first time in 25 years.

Strategic Partner in Bangladesh

Mr Rashidul of Sidney International in Dhaka is our strategic partner in Bangladesh principally focused on the Oil & Gas sector

Mr Gupta – Our Media Partner in India

Strategic Partners – Middle East

Russian Strategic Partner expands to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

We are proud to announce that Mr Alexander Petrov of GIS Innovations will be expanding his distributorship from Russia to Baku, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan also. Alexander supports Coltraco Ultrasonics in these countries distributing the Portalevel®, Permalevel®, Portacare® and Portascanner® range. GIS Innovations are dedicated to the provision of engineering services and supply of equipment for the construction and maintenance of complex safety of oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and marine industries.

Get in touch:

Alexander Petrov
Business Stream Manager
GIS Innovations Ltd.
18 Bumazhnaya street, office 322-V
190020 St Petersburg Russia

+7 812 4244760 (office)
+7 921 8826985 (mobile)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director Middle East – Captain Peter Machado.

We are proud to welcome Captain Peter Machado onto our team as Director Middle East. His role includes developing new relationships largely in the shipping, defence and oil and gas industries, and managing our ODA Service Station in Dubai, Elcome, together with our Middle East agents and distributors. We thank Peter for his consistent advice and generosity to the whole Coltraco team and network.

Captain Peter Machado is an industry veteran and Master Mariner and was also one of our first Fleet users of Portascanner® WATERTIGHT when he was with Kuwait Livestock and Trading saying, “COLTRACO’s Portascanner is the product that I am happy to endorse having used the product for many years in the challenging environment of large livestock carriers. Watertight integrity was and remains critical as the most recent conversions have been car carriers, container ships and tankers. Portascanner is portable, easy to carry and use, and more importantly, very efficient. It is a rugged. Aspects include purchase price at good value, good warranty terms, the availability of spares and service stations at major hub ports.”

Elcome International UAE - ODA Service Centre Dubai, UAE

Elcome International, the leading marine solutions provider and system integrator in the Middle East is our authorized ODA Service Center for Coltraco’s Portalevel™ MAX and Portascanner™ ultrasonic products at its headquarters facility in Dubai, UAE. “As an approved Coltraco ODA service station, we will provide annual re-calibration and first-line repairs at our technology centre in Dubai,” says Mr Prasanth Gopalakrishnan, Deputy General Manager Elcome International. “We are moving quickly to establish a team of factory-trained service engineers for the Coltraco products.” We have been committed to the GCC for 25 years and look to it as a region of strategic significance and to its future with great confidence. We are wholly committed to the delivery and support of leading technologies to the Marine, Offshore and Naval sectors throughout the GCC countries. Elcome services over 600 vessels per month in the Arabian Gulf alone. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 by DNV.

Elcome International UAE – Distributor to GCC Navies

Elcome are also our Distributor to the Gulf Co-Operation Council Countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman.


Shipping Partner in Iran – Dr Khosrow

Dr Khosrow is our Partner for Iran, especially for shipping and oil and gas sectors. Dr Khosrow has worked with us for many years and has an excellent knowledge of the Iranian market. Dr Khosrow supports us with operations, strategy and sales within the country, with the aim to develop new relationships in Iran. He is experienced in total marine safety service across the major Iranian ports in South and in Caspian Sea in North of Iran and based in Tehran. With thanks to Dr Khosrow for joining us at Intersec 2018.


Marine Partner – Capt Erol, Tuna Ship Supply in Turkey

We are thoroughly delighted to welcome Captain Erol Ceylan, Owner of Tuna Ship Supply Ltd., to be our Marine Partner in Turkey. Capt Erol is well experienced in the shipping industry and his company is one of the leading ship suppliers in Turkey with relationships with many of country’s leading Shipyards and Ship Owners.

Capt. Erol describes his relationship with Coltraco as follows: “Mr.Carl /Ceo who I felt a mystery transmission on me when my first communication with him on telephone. Then I desired to meet him with sense of wonder. It is not possible to describe how I felt when I met him first as if we were intimate friends for many years. So, Coltraco is more than a business partner for me.”

Here pictured Director of Sales with Captain Erol and his team from Tuna Ship Supply promoting the ABS Type Approval on Portascanner® Watertight and Portalevel® MAX Marine publicly launched in Istanbul at ExpoShipping Exhibition 2017.


Strategic Partners in Africa


Fire Safety Partner in Nigeria – Mr Osagie Olaye

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Osagie Olaye, Managing Director of Sagola Environmental & Fire Safety Services Limited, as our Fire Safety Partner in Nigeria the world’s 24th largest economy. Nigeria is predicted to have the most sustained growth rate of any world economy in 2010-2050 averaging 9-10% pa, the first country in the world to wholly repay its Paris Club foreign debt, the latest country in Africa to have eradicated Polio, the world’s 12th largest oil producer, the 6th largest oil exporter and Member of the Commonwealth. We warmly welcome Mr Osagie Olaye.


Strategic Partners in Europe


Regional Director, Central and Eastern Europe – Mr Lubomir Ernst

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr Lubomir Ernst to this strategic role as Regional Director of our operations in Central and Eastern Europe. Lubomir is a fire industry professional, a former Professional Pilot and a Graduate in Civil Aviation from the University of Transport and Telecommunications. Science is at our core and good science is one wholly based on Integrity and that is our binding value commercially too. Lubomir will act as our focal point in the establishment and maintenance of our distribution network across our products and systems throughout Eastern and Central Europe, with a special emphasis on developing our markets in critical infrastructure customers across the Fire Safety sector.

Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, our CEO says, “I warmly value Mr Ernst joining our company. As we evolve from a product manufacturer to one engaged in the manufacture of autonomous systems delivering remote diagnostics and remote monitoring of clean agent fire suppression systems it is vital that the high value customers we develop systems for are fully supported. We are grateful to Lubomir for extending to us his abundant skills and capabilities to further this. Lubomir is a skilled and capable communicator and a dynamic and effective business leader. I look forward a very much to developing our business in the fire, telecommunication, aerospace, mobile phone, electricity, gas and other sectors across Central and Eastern Europe with the able and wonderful man who Mr Lubomir Ernst is”.

Mr Lubomir Ernst says, "Within many years in fire safety sector I have met the importance of systems security. Thanks to Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter I have a chance today to join the Coltraco organisation in such strategic role as Regional Director Central & Eastern Europe. I am very pleased to work directly with him in that great way of easy negotiating and understanding. Thank You Carl."


Strategic Partner and ODA Service Station Opens in Greece – Mr Timos Vossos, Pronoia

Our commitment to Europe continues. It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr Timos Vossos, Managing Director of Pronoia Limited as our Strategic Partner in Greece. Established in 1936 Pronoia is a leading fire safety company and will be managing distribution partners across both the Marine and the onshore Fire Safety sectors in Greece.

Over time Pronoia will become our Greek installation partner for Permalevel Multiplex and our ODA Service Station for our range of Portalevel MAX & Portascanner Watertight units. Greece is the 45th largest economy in the world, the 12th largest in the EU and has the largest commercial shipping fleet in the world. We warmly welcome Mr Vossos and his fine company.


Introducing our Country Manager for Italy

It is with great pleasure that Signor Alberto Faravelli has joined the company as Coltraco’s Country Manager. Based in Genoa Alberto is an industry professional with special expertise in gaseous suppressions systems. Our CEO Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “We warmly welcome Signor Faravelli to the company. Italy is a strategic country for our company particularly across our range of CO2, FM200™ and NOVEC™ 1230 monitoring systems and products and Alberto brings to the company a great depth of experience and relationships to this essential role. I wish him all happiness with us and offer my best wishes to Alberto and his family.”

Mr Alberto Faraveli comments, “Being the Italian Country Manager makes me feel proud not only because of the Importance of the Company but also because of the highest technological level of its products. In particular I see high potential for the Permalevel™ Multiplex that is an unmatchable innovation if compared with traditional units. Once instructed on its potential, final users and fire suppression installers will not be able work without it. This is a most exciting time.”


Strategic Partners in North America

US telephone 212-763-0081 for enquiries.


Visiting Trinidad and Tobago – January 2016

It is with great pleasure that our Head of Marketing & Communications, Clare Hunter has been visiting Partners and Customers in Trinidad last week. Coltraco are proud of our links to the Commonwealth and grateful to our many customers and for their support to us over 25 years.

Our Fire Safety Partner in Trinidad, Mr Ian Cole of Cole and Associates, and a Fire industry professional of international standing, has known our company for over 20 years and was our first customer in the West Indies for our original Portalevel™. We look forward to working with Ian, Vicki, Jason and the Cole team across our Permalevel™ Multiplex and UL-approved Portalevel™ MAX across FM-200™, NOVEC™ 1230 and CO2 applications and look forward to Cole & Associates becoming our ODA Service Centre in Trinidad and working alongside us managing our valued fire distribution partners in Trinidad. Clare visited our future our Marine Partners in Trinidad, meeting Mr John Lange, Mark, Ian, Dara and the team from Marine Consultants (Trinidad) Limited. We warmly welcome this exciting relationship. The friendships Clare has made in Trinidad are ones we value and we look forward to a strategic future between our companies in Trinidad and the United Kingdom.


Marine Partner & Service Station in the USA – Lea Machine

Lea Machine will assume responsibility for all Portalevel MAX & Portalevel Standard model type servicing & calibration requirements of our USA fire safety & marine customers, with a view to extending this ODA status to include Portascanner™ in the weeks and months to come. Henry recently joined Lea Machine in exhibiting at the Cruise Shipping Miami Expo earlier this month and he is with Mr William Jones and Mr Toralf Lea in the picture below.

Lea Machine Services Inc. are the dedicated contract service maintenance provider to Carnival Cruise and an Authorised Service Station for Draeger products.


Strategic Partners in South America

Apply Today!

Strategic Partners in Australasia


Our Strategic Fire Safety Partner in Australasia

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr Robin Sellar, Managing Director and Owner of Sicada Fire, as our Strategic Partner in Fire Safety in Australia. Essential elements of Robin’s success have been his ongoing commitment to superior and unparalleled customer service and the application of key principles of Safety, Integrity and Accountability. In 25 years Robin has led Sicada Fire to become one of Australia’s leading independent Fire Safety companies. Our CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “We have been committed to serving the Australian market for 20 years, but with the development of an integrated range of products, systems and services we remain known for only a few of these. We are not yet at the heart of Australian clean agent monitoring or marine servicing and I am honoured and delighted to welcome Robin who will become the pivot around which our strategy in Australia will be implemented for both our fixed monitoring systems and our range of portable clean agent and ship structure monitoring solutions.”


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