We design and manufacture Safesite™ & Safeship™ technologies to enhance safety at customer critical infrastructure on land & at sea . This is enabled by developing great Science. As our Head of Research & Development, Mr Sam Watson remarks, “Physics leads our ability to conduct Engineering.” We are fortunate to have some fine Scientists around us, but in this we would like to pay tribute to Jade, Nicole and Luke for their extraordinary work on Permalevel™ Multiplex and also in the forthcoming Portasteele™ Calculator which will provide Fire Engineers with a simple tablet to establish level height and mass/weight of suppressants simultaneously. We look for very special people at Coltraco Ultrasonics who believe in the integrity of great Science and who enable the great Engineers around us to develop the leading products and systems we build – and which operate to deliver safety for our customers on land and at sea – but our Scientists work within and around our commercial teams so that the Science they work on becomes applied. It also means they have a range of interests. This watercolour was painted by Sadie who is also a Physicist.