The Team Re-Unite to open the Durham Institute of Research, Development and Invention

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It was a joyous day for some of the team to congregate for the day at Durham University. Our Chairman, Carl Hunter OBE, who is a Durham alumni and now Professor in Practice, received his Dunelmnesis Award by the University Senate. This was for his commitment to supporting Durham undergraduates through our student engagement programme:

“Over a sustained period, Carl’s efforts have underpinned and supported Durham University’s strategic aims in terms of research excellence, education and enhancing the University’s reputation nationally and internationally.”

Excitingly, we have also opened our very own Durham Institute of Research, Development and Invention (DIRDI), which is Durham University’s 11th institute. We opened our new laboratory which is co-located at the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CFAI), Department of Physics. This is a notable point in the company’s lifetime, as our pioneering research and development is recognised for its unique and advanced innovation.

Science and mathematics are very much at our core, and we are a science led high-exporting advanced manufacturer, with continuous Innovation at the heart of our success. Our new institute will enable us to even further enhance our scientific research, to ensure we are the leaders in the field of contents monitoring of both liquefied and non-liquefied gaseous systems to achieve pioneering innovation. Meet the team.Pictured: Professor Stuart Corbridge Vice Chancellor of Durham University. Professor Ann MacLarnon , Master Hatfield College, Carl Hunter’s old College. Professors Paula Chadwick and Douglas Holliday, Department of Physics, (without whose support our last 8 years’ work at Durham would not have been possible). Mr Chris Roberts, Durham Business School, who has published the podcast below with Carl. Ms Lauren Bradshaw, Deputy Head of Development. The others are Dorothy, and Adrian, Daniel, Angus from our R&D Department and Chloe, Head of Distribution.Why Did We Open the Institute with Durham University?

Our “rolling undergraduate internship programme” is one of the the largest at Durham University and distinguishes itself by producing graduates with First Class degrees and achieving their first career choices on graduation and will re-activate it in October 2021.

  • After 3 years work the Senate of Durham University have given us permission to create The Durham Institute of Research Development and Invention (DIRDI), which is Durham University’s 11th scientific institute
  • It required all 100 members of Senate to approve it.
  • It is founded on the principles of “Newtonian discovery” to understand more of the physical laws of the Universe, which, to me, God created, and “Edisonian commercialisation” to resource the formers unfettered means to discover, underpinned by the spirituality and grace inspired by Durham’s Cathedral and which inspires Durham’s brilliant young minds
  • The Vice Chancellor has agreed to become a Founding Fellow of DIRDI.
  • Within it we will create the Centre for Underwater Acoustic Analysis (CUAA), which is my gift for the nation, and specifically to the Royal Navy.
  • I greatly value and enjoy my Professorship at Durham Business School and am honoured to continue in it.
  • Concurrently, we also opened our new laboratory at Durham, which is co-located at the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CFAI), Department of Physics.

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