Strong UK-EU Relations

At Coltraco Ultrasonics we are thrilled that the UK and EU have agreed a trade deal to enable a smooth transition on 1st January 2021.

  • No delays for Coltraco Ultrasonics shipments to Europe going ahead.
  • No changes to shipping charges.
  • Next day delivery available.

We are positive that we will continue to provide our excellent Customer Care Commitment to our valued Euroopean customers.

5* Customer Reviews

On Monday 4th January 2021 our Director in charge of Logistics booked our first post-EU-Exit European shipment There was minimal additional paperwork and the estimated delivery time was next day – as usual.

We are fortunate to be exceptionally experienced in international order fulfilment, with customers in 120 countries. We are pleased that we can continue to trade easily and quickly with our friends, suppliers and customers in Europe.

We need distributors in Europe

To strengthen our ties, we are looking for new distributors in Europe, especially in the following areas: France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Spain