Portascanner® WATERTIGHT

2nd Generation
Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Tester
P/N: 509004-0311 | NSN: 6625-99-257-8336 | IMPA: 652778
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The Portascanner Watertight® is an ultrasonic watertight integrity tester, designed to identify leak sites in a wide variety of watertight, airtight or weathertight seals.
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The Portascanner® Watertight provides a fast and highly accurate method for checking any critical watertight or airtight seal for leak sites. Particular popular with Bulk Carrier operators, this allows all hatch covers to be inspected before departure, ensuring all leaks can be repaired before port departure. This drastically reduces the chance of cargo damage and increases the safety of vessel and crew. Also regularly used on Cable Transits (MCTs), Watertight Doors, Hatches and other similar applications.

The Portascanner® has two main components: the Generator and the Receiver. The Generator produces a powerful ultrasonic signal, which is placed inside and fills any compartment being tested. The user, with the Receiver unit, then goes to the opposite side of the seal and using the sensor can quickly identify the exact location and severity of any leak site.


Bulk Carrier Hatches

The Portascanner® Watertight is used onboard bulk carriers for inspecting the Watertight or Weathertight hatches for leak sites. The magnetic generator can be positioned just inside the hold, on the hatch combing, removing the need to climb down to position the generator at the bottom of the hold on the tank top.

It is used by the crew for regular maintenance to dramatically reduce the risk of cargo damage from water ingress, and by Marine surveyors for carrying out P&I, Classification Society or Insurance surveys.

Watertight Doors

Watertight Doors on offshore Oil & Gas Rigs, Naval and Marine Vessels are regularly inspected & maintained to ensure the integrity of the Bulk heads and watertight barriers are secure. If these areas are neglected, there can be drastic impacts on flood prevention in the event of a major incident which is exactly what the Portascanner helps to avoid.

Removing old fashioned and inaccurate chalk testing, the Portascanner Technology provides a very quick and accurate method to identify problem areas and fix the issues that exist within these seals.

Multiple Cable Transits (MCTs)

Cable Transit Seals provide a key element in maintaining the integrity of bulk heads and watertight seals onboard Naval, Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine assets. As one of the most neglected areas onboard, having the means to quickly identify the exact location and severity of issues in MCTs can dramatically assist Contractors and Fleet Operators to enhance the flood, fire & smoke protection that a correctly installed MCT seal provides.

1. Receiver Rod - The user directs the rod at areas they wish to survey. Any escaping ultrasound if received by the rod and sent to the main unit.

2. Headphones - Any ultrasound that is identified by the unit is outputted as audible readings via external headphones.

3. Receiver - The receiver processes and displays any ultrasound that emitted from a leaking space. The results are visually presented to the user on the user on an internal screen as well as outputted to external headphones.

4. Generator - The generator is an ultrasonic generator with three transducers. The transducers emit a strong signal in one direction that fills the room/space with pulses of ultrasound


  • Height:215 mm (8.46 inches)
  • Width:82 mm (3.22 inches)
  • Depth:30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Weight:420 g (14.82 ounces)
  • Height:90 mm (3.54 inches)
  • Width:111 mm (4.37 inches)
  • Depth:50 mm (1.97 inches)
  • Weight:430g (15.17 ounces)


  • 0.1 Watt/ 100dB unidirectional speakers
  • Mounting method- permanent magnet


  • Rod: 310mm Length x 25mm Diameter2
  • Comprised of three parts that are screwed together
  • Connected by bnC connectors to 1 m length co-ax cable.


  • Frequency Response - 20 – 18,000 Hz
  • Impedance - 32 Ohms +/- 5% Sensitivity - 105dB SPL at 1KHz
  • Adaptor Plug - 3.5mm to 6.3mm type


  • Audio reading via head-band electrodynamics headphones
  • Numerical reading - 1 to 31775 - via LCD display

Power Supply

Generator : 2 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours) Receiver unit: 1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)


Membrane control operated, LCD back-lit Display measuring 55 x 28 mm


  • IP Rating 65
  • NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292


  • Classification Society Approved- RINA
  • CE
  • ISO 9001 Registered

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)

Package Contents

  • 1 Portascanner® WATERTIGHT
  • 1 Generator
  • 1 Receiver
  • 1 Headphones
  • 1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case
  • Calibration certificate

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