This annual week brings to the forefront how important everyone’s mental health really is, and how #kindnessmatters.

Being a close-knit business, values of care and support are at our core, and we constantly ensure we show appreciation to our team, and stay attuned to people’s wellbeing.

Our CEO, Carl Hunter, defines a company as the ‘sum of the individuals within it’, harnessing the team’s mental health as integral to its success. Mr Hunter regularly reminds our team to maintain rest and to be aware of one’s wellness. We are often reminded of how essential it is to support our colleagues, encourage open communications, and try to uphold a positive and encouraging ethos.

We are fortunate that in recent years speaking about mental health has been ever more welcomed, and we can all only hope this will continue to lead to a more supportive and happy world.

Watch: why kindness matters

The Mental Health Foundation are hosting this week.

“Focusing on the power and potential of kindness. We think it could be the most important week we’ve hosted, not least because our own research shows that protecting our mental health is going to be central to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic – with the psychological and social impacts likely to outlast the physical symptoms of the virus. ”

Why kindness?

“We have chosen kindness because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity. Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health. Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.”

Learn more from Mental Health Foundation website here.