Ultrasonic Leak Detector for Room Integrity Testing

The Portascanner® 520 is an ultrasonic room integrity testing tool, allowing you to locate even minor leak sites quickly, easily, and non-destructively. The perfect tool for ensuring and maintaining airtight integrity. 

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Ultrasonic leak detector for room integrity testing


The Portascanner® 520 is a portable, handheld tool to aid in preparing a room or compartment for integrity testing, as well as providing a rigorous maintenance program. It uses ultrasound – sound with frequencies above the range of human hearing – to identify and locate air leak sites in a room non-destructively and with minimal disruption to normal operation. 

Airtight integrity is key for any fire suppression system, especially those in special hazard rooms. To ensure that airtightness standards are met, a room integrity test, such as a door fan test, must be carried out. These tests, however, have some limitations:  

  • They only provide limited information about the room or compartment, providing only the overall leakage rate and offering no information on where these leaks are occurring. 
  • They are highly disruptive, typically requiring the removal of a door to be replaced with a fan to pressurise the room and the complete evacuation of the room. 
  • They are typically quite costly, and it is not uncommon for a room or compartment to fail a first test. The Portascanner® 520 can be used to help ensure a first-time pass, therefore eliminating the cost and disruption associated with repeating this test. 


Locating the sources of any leakage is often done simply with the naked eye, which is incredibly difficult and time consuming. For small leaks, this can be almost impossible to do with any reasonable accuracy. However, with the aid of the Portascanner® 520, you can easily locate all major leak sites in your room or compartment in just minutes. The Portascanner® 520 can be an invaluable tool at every stage of a fire suppression system installation: 

  • Before the installation, allowing you to conduct any repairs you may need prior to the pressurization tests, ensuring that you will pass on the first attempt.  
  • During the installation, to locate and repair leaks “on the fly” if additional repairs are required. 
  • After the installation, it is a far more thorough test than basic visual inspection, giving you peace of mind with all of your follow-up maintenance.  


Some of the key advantages of the Portascanner® 520 and ultrasonic leak detection, when compared with other techniques: 

World-Class Accuracy 

The Portascanner® 520 is the most accurate unit of its type, allowing users to pinpoint leak sites with the aid of both audio feedback and digital readings on the display. It can detect leaks as small as 0.06mm in diameter, which would be virtually invisible to the naked eye. It is the ideal tool to aid in room integrity testing. 

Quick & Easy to Use 

The Portascanner® 520 is an intuitive, simple system to learn and to operate. Simply place the generator, turned on, on one side of a structure and the operator takes the receiver to the other side and begins to scan.  

Tests can be conducted quickly, with minimal training, by a single operator with absolutely no need to evacuate the room. This means that, unlike most integrity tests, there is no disruption to the normal operation of the facility or to its occupants. 

Non-Destructive and Clean 

Ultrasonic air leakage detection is a form of non-destructive testing. This means that there is absolutely no risk of damaging the structure being tested. It is also completely clean, unlike some old leak detection tests such as the smoke pencil test which may leave behind some residue. The Portasonic® 520 is ideal for testing in sensitive environments, such as server rooms, data centres and other high value assets.  

What's in the box

Portascanner Watertight Screenshot
  • 1 x Portascanner® 520 Main Receiver Unit 
    • Handheld, portable, battery-powered main unit with display for digital readings. 
  • 1 x Portascanner® Ultrasound Sensor Wand 
    • Highly directional, for precise and accurate location of leak sites 
  • 2 x Aluminium Sections and 1 x Sensor Handle 
    • Additional aluminium sections to extend the sensor wand for difficult-to-reach areas and a handle to provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip 
  • 1 x Portascanner® Ultrasonic Generator 
    • Generates a powerful ultrasonic signal to fill the room or compartment under test with ultrasound waves. The magnet on the rear of the generator allows it to be mounted on many metal structures for ideal placement 
  • 1 x Pair of Headphones 
    • Provides users with additional, audio feedback on leak detection 
  • 1 x Operating Manual 
    • Contains further information regarding the functionality of the instrument and how-to-use 
  • 1 x Calibration Certificate 
    • As evidence that the unit has been tested and shown to be working before dispatch 
  • 1 x Robust Carrying Case 
    • For portability and ease of carrying the equipment 

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 
    • Main Unit: 255mm (L) x 85mm (W) x 33mm (D) 
    • Sensor Wand: 230mm (L) x 25mm (Diameter) 
      • Extension aluminium sections provided for additional length 
  • Weight: 
    • Main Unit: 419g 
  • Results and readings: 
    • Display received amplitude on either a decibel scale or a linear digital scale 
  • Power supply: 
    • 1 x PP3 9V battery, up to 12 hours continuous use 
  • Operating temperature: 
    • -10°C to +65°C / 14F to 149F 
  • Enclosure: IP65 water and dust resistant enclosure 
  • Warranty: 
    • Main Unit: 3 years 
    • Sensor Wand: 1 year 

Technical SpecificationsGenerator

  • Dimensions:  
    • 150mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 50mm (D) 
  • Weight:  
    • 431g 
  • Output: 
    • 3 x Multidirectional 40kHz Ultrasound Transducers 
  • Power supply: 
    • 2 x PP3 9V batteries, up to 12 hours continuous use 
  • Operating temperature: 
    • -10°C to +65°C  
  • Range: 
    • For use in enclosures up to 10,000m3 
  • Mounting method: 
    • Place on top of suitable surface or magnetically mount to metallic structure 
  • Enclosure: 
    • ABS hard plastic enclosure 
  • Warranty: 
    • 3 years 


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Frequently asked questions

Can the Portascanner® 520 replace a door fan test?

In some circumstances, the Portascanner® 520 may be able to serve as a complete replacement for a door fan test or other pressurisation test. In many cases, however, the pressurisation test is mandated by regulations. In these cases, the Portascanner® 520 is a perfect complementary diagnostic tool, that will help you pass the pressurisation test first time. ISO 14520 regulations also state that any installation must undergo periodic inspections after passing the door fan test. The Portascanner® 520 will provide you with a far more robust test for these inspections than visual inspection alone, giving you a far higher level of confidence in the airtight integrity of your enclosure.

How can the more challenging areas of an enclosure be tested for leakage areas such as raised floors and false ceilings?

If the leakages from the room into the void area above the false ceiling need to be found, one can locate the leaks in the ceiling tiles by placing the compact ultrasound generator in the void area and scanning the false ceiling tiles below using the receiver.If the leakages above the false ceiling tiles leading to the adjoining rooms is more of a concern, then the important leakage areas to note in the ceiling void are areas close to the air vents or cable penetrations that leads into the adjoining rooms. The ultrasound generator placed within the room will fill the room with ultrasound allowing these areas to be tested from the adjoining rooms.When testing leaks that go from areas underneath raised flooring into the adjoining rooms, the ultrasound generator can be placed underneath the floor tiles and the leaks tested outside from the adjoining rooms. Examples of areas to note are areas where cabling exists between the adjoining rooms. The ultrasound generator placed underneath the floor tiles will fill the entire area with ultrasound and the leaks from the cable penetrations can be tested by pointing the receiver towards the cable exit in the adjoining room.

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