Portalevel® MINI

The Portalevel® MINI is the highly versatile ultrasonic level indicator, ideal for handsfree testing of cylinder contents of fire suppression systems


7th Generation
Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator (LLI)
P/N: 2290334-MINI
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The Portalevel® MINI is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator,  using Coltraco’s long-trusted 7th Generation technology, for servicing fire suppression system cylinders. It  has been the essential tool for all Fire Servicing Technicians for over 15 years.

Introducing the Portalevel® MINI

Launched and designed for servicing of fire suppression systems and many more liquefied gaseous agents, as well as enhancing overall fire safety.

Throughout this time the Portalevel Mini® has undergone numerous upgrade programs to further refine the platform and provides the ideal solution for the vast majority of fire suppression cylinder inspection requirements.

  • Accurate to +/-1.5mm
  • on all major agents including CO2, FM200®, NOVEC 1230 and other similar agents,
  • we recommend the Mini® for any cylinder up to about 400KG of Agent.

Trusted Handsfree Technology

The device is completely handsfree, with the main unit hanging around the operator’s neck allowing the service technician to have two hands available to work. With the SPA feature, the signal output can be increased when working on challenging or corroded cylinders and a simple LED indication showing when liquid is detected.



Lifetime Support

It is the most popular Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator Technology ever produced. As with all units we provide, it comes with the full Coltraco Customer Commitment:

  • including free Training and Technical Support for the life of the unit,
  • 3 Year Warranty with full replacement in the event of any defect,
  • guaranteed trade-in buy-back when upgrading to newer devices
  • with the most proven technology on the market.

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Use Portalevel® MINI’s perfect partner

The Portasteele® CALCULATOR provides the perfect companion to the Portalevel® Technology for those looking to convert liquid height to agent mass and export reports to customers.

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  • Height:94.5 mm.
  • Width:156 mm
  • Depth:47mm
  • Weight:420 grams (14.82 ounces)


+/-1.5mm (1/8 inch)

Verifiable Agents

CO2, H20, FM-200™, NOVEC™1230, old Halons such as 1301 and 1211, FE-13™, FE-25™, FE-36™, HFC-225 & 2271


TX/RX Dry Sensor
  • 14 mm diameter head
  • Contained within a magnetized sensor applicator;
  • Connected by BNC connectors to 1 m length co-ax cable.

Power Supply

4 x AA 1.5V Batteries (battery life 10 hours)


LCD Numeric Digital Display with LED Bar Graph

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)Relative Humidity-5 % - 95 %


  • Classification Society Approved- RINA
  • CE
  • ISO 14001 Registered


  • IP Rating 65
  • NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292


Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty Sensor: 1 Year Warranty Lifetime Customer Support

Package Contents

  • 1 Portalevel® Mini unit
  • 1 Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Gel
  • 1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case
  • Calibration certificate
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