Safeguard Your Infrastructure: Portagauge® 6 with Cutting-Edge Datalogging Technology

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Corrosion poses a significant threat across multiple sectors, from marine and industrial to fire safety systems. Regular inspection is crucial in identifying and addressing areas of concern before they escalate into serious issues. Traditional methods of thickness measurement often involve the removal of protective coatings, exposing materials to further corrosion and complicating the inspection processColtraco Ultrasonics is delighted to introduce the Portagauge® 6, the latest innovation in ultrasonic thickness gauging technology. Engineered for versatility and precision, the Portagauge® 6 is set to revolutionise corrosion inspection across a variety of industries including marine, industrial, and fire safety, offering non-invasive measurement capabilities, ensuring that coatings remain intact and materials are safeguarded against additional damage


The Importance of Corrosion Testing

Portagauge 6 Testing

Corrosion is an unavoidable natural process that can pose significant risks to infrastructure and equipment. Regular inspections are essential to identify areas of concern before they lead to severe damage or operational failures. However, many structures are coated with protective layers, and removing these coatings for inspection can accelerate corrosion.

The Portagauge® 6 addresses this challenge by measuring through protective coatings, allowing for accurate and reliable thickness measurements without the need to remove these layers. This capability is crucial in determining the extent of corrosion or erosion without exacerbating the issue.


Versatile Applications Across Multiple Industries

The Portagauge® 6 is designed to meet the needs of diverse sectors, making it a vital tool for:

  • Marine: Conducting hull thickness inspections to ensure the structural integrity and safety of vessels.
  • Industrial: Inspecting components and equipment to detect signs of wear, degradation, and potential failure.
  • Fire Safety: Monitoring the condition of sprinkler systems to ensure they are operational and effective in emergencies.

Innovative Features of the Portagauge® 6

The Portagauge® 6 incorporates several advanced features designed to enhance the user experience and improve measurement accuracy:

  • Minimum Thickness Alarm: Users can set an accepted minimum thickness for the material being tested. The device will sound an alarm whenever the measured thickness falls below this level, ensuring prompt attention to areas that may need maintenance.
  • Datalogging: With 4MB of internal storage, the Portagauge® 6 can save up to 200,000 measurements. This feature allows users to store readings directly on the device with the press of a button and easily export data to a PC via USB.
  • USB Power Connection: When connected to a power source via USB, the device can run on USB power, preserving battery life and enabling continuous use when connected to mains power.

Why Choose the Portagauge® 6?

  1. Multi-Echo Capability

    • Accessibility: Easily measure material thickness through paint layers or coatings without removing them.
    • Accuracy: Reliably measure through coatings up to 20mm thick.
  2. Built-In Database:

    • Versatility: Includes 14 of the most common materials for easy switching, and can measure a wide range of materials including most metals and plastics.
    • Customizable: Allows entry of custom sound speeds for materials not included in the database.
  3. A-Scan Functionality:

    • Provides near-real-time ultrasonic signal observation with oscilloscope trace to enhance measurement accuracy and verify correct return backwall echoes.

Identifying Corrosion Extent with the Portagauge® 6

The wall thickness measurements displayed by the Portagauge® 6 represent the remaining material in good condition. By comparing these measurements to the original wall thickness, operators can determine the severity of corrosion. This process is facilitated by the device’s ability to measure through protective coatings, ensuring that inspections do not exacerbate corrosion.


Highlighted Features

  • Approvals: Meets NFPA and classification society requirements for marine thickness gauging inspection equipment.
  • Customizable and Durable: Built to withstand harsh environments and customizable for various applications.
  • Multiple-Echo Technology: Ignores paint layers up to 20mm thick for accurate measurements.
  • Built-In Material Database: Includes 12 pre-loaded materials, such as metals and plastics.
  • A-Scan and Oscilloscope: For real-time observation and verification of material conditions.
  • Datalogging: Capable of storing up to 200,000 measurements for comprehensive data management.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Weighing only 400g, it is designed for easy transportation and use in various conditions.
  • USB Power Connection: Allows for extended use and preservation of battery life.


Ready To Speak To Our Team About The Portagauge® 6? 

The Portagauge® 6 is a revolutionary ultrasonic thickness gauge that offers unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. Its ability to measure through protective coatings without compromising the integrity of the inspected material makes it an essential tool for professionals in the marine, industrial, and fire safety sectors. With the Portagauge® 6, Coltraco Ultrasonics continues to lead the industry in providing innovative solutions for corrosion detection and maintenance.

For more information about the Portagauge® 6 and its applications, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

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