Hosted on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Press release on Royal Navy website describes how Royal Navy personnel, including the First Sea Lord, were joined by political and industry leaders, as HMS Queen Elizabeth hosts the annual Atlantic Future Forum.

From defeating Covid-19 through vaccine and testing developments, to investing in abilities to tackle cyber threats, the senior figures from the two nations’ defence, security and trade establishments will discuss how to face down an uncertain future with confidence.

Atlantic Future Forum 2020

CEO Carl Hunter OBE shares his thoughts on UK-US Special Relationship

Next year is the 80th Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter. Created by Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt in 1941 at a time of war, it created todays rules-based international order, in peace the world’s post-war prosperity, stability and security, and this relationship is as significant and vital today, as it was then.

It led to the creation of the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, an equal member Commonwealth and NATO itself. The UK and the USA share unique capabilities across all defence, diplomatic, security, development, trade, finance, cultural and intellectual domains, but above all, they share the values that enable a free, prosperous and secure world. The cornerstone of this most special relationship is grounded in its maritime, and specifically, our countries naval traditions.

Just as the Atlantic Charter was signed aboard HMS Prince of Wales so todays Atlantic Future Forum is being held aboard its current sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, the world’s first 5th generation aircraft carrier, with the world’s first 5th generation aircraft. Our Flagship certainly, but also our Ship of State, from which we deliver a message of hope that freedom, free markets and free trade matter and that their underlying values, led by the world’s most powerful UK-USA relationship, will always prevail.

I am exceptionally proud to join the Atlantic Future Forum today.

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