Demonstrations Across China – July 2019

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We are committed to supporting our customers in China with personalised customer care and demonstrations. We would like to thank our General Manager Fire Safety in China David Cao for demonstrating and providing training for many customers in China spanning multiple market sectors.

David helps oversee Fire Safety operations in China developing and co-ordinating our Partner companies and Distribution network in China and supporting the business development of customers in critical infrastructure and our presence in China.

David’s demonstrations include:


A supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors.

China Telecommunication Guangzhou:

A mobile telecommunication provider in China.

Shangri-La Hotel Nanjing:

A modern luxury hotel and resort in Nanjing.

Shenzhen Metro:

A rapid transit system which has 8 lines in the city of Shenzhen.

National Bank of China (Beijing):

One of the largest banks in China headquartered in Beijing.

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