Hatch Cover Testing with Portascanner™ Watertight

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Captain J. F. Holmes, Master Mariner “Portascanner™ II .. undergoes a hard life in a tough environment.. the updated [Decibel and Linear] readout and software permits a .. definitive execution of the testing weather deck closing devices. Portascanner™ II .. gives us the professional edge to offer a complete service to Ship Owners and Time Charterers”. Class-approved and ISO 17025 calibration-compliant Portascanner™ Watertight is portable, simple to use and determine the size of the leak, unlike other leak tests. Designed for hatch covers, watertight doors & multiple cable transits. SOLAS does not simply require the surface to be simply watertight, but able to remain watertight under specific pressure. EU Directive 2009/45/EC requires a weekly inspection of all watertight doors while passenger vessel are at sea (Regulation 24.3). Portascanner™ provides for both safety and convenience of passengers. All loading doors and exposed hatch-covers are to be closed watertight before the ship leaves for high seas (46 CFR, 97.15-17; 97.15-20).

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