Meet Our Team

Dorothy Crookenden

Director Finance & Administration

Ian Jones

Director of Legal & Contracts

Karen Jones

Director Business Development

Adrian Saw

Head of Technical,
Head of Asia Pacific

Chloe Barker

Head of Commercial & Chairman’s Private Office

Bernard Hornung

Head of the Built Environment

Capt Peter Machado

Head of Global Ship Management Markets

Daniel Dobrowloski

Senior Physicist, Head of Institute

Benjamin Cowan

Deputy Head of Research, Development, Design & Ergonomics

Leah Lucmayon

Technical Sales Engineer

Jonabelle Religioso

Manager of Global Distribution & Special Projects

Angus Hodgkiss

Manager Research, Development, Design & Ergonomics

Dan Marchant

Logistics & Equipment Specialist, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Calibration & Certification

Karin Singh

Marketing Assistant

Faye Way

Sales Manager

Helen Besley

Sales Administrator

Marc Anthony

Customer Success Manager

Clare Camille Parreño

Assistant Business Development

Lewis Kell

Research, Development, Design & Ergonomics Department

Luciana Garstang

Private Office

David Cao

CHINA General Manager

Dr Khosrow Moshtarkihah

PERSIAN GULF Head of Safety

Ret’d Cdr Vikesh Jain

INDIA General Manager

Capt Erol

TURKEY General Manager