Fire Cylinder level indicator & agent weight calculator

The Portalevel Touch calculates the exact agent weight in fire suppression cylinders using our latest level indication technology alongside our new volume to mass conversion calculations

Portalevel TOUCH Ultrasonic Level Indicator for NOVEC

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Latest generation Portalevel


The Portalevel Touch is the biggest leap in fire suppression servicing technology for over a decade. The Portalevel Touch non-invasively measures the exact agent weight stored in fire suppression cylinders and allows all readings to be stored, downloaded, and exported for complete traceability. The system can identify agent weight accurate to less than 1%, automatically generate reports for customer & internal and do so using our most advanced technology ever.

The Portalevel Touch is primarily designed for major fire system OEMs and fire protection companies who are testing a lot of clean agent systems. Most clean agent cylinders must be tested by level indication during annual as it is not safe to weigh such cylinders. Especially the larger and seamless cylinders are very challenging to measure accurately and sophisticated techniques are required to do so, with the Portalevel Touch being the first unit to deliver such capabilities. For those who require an analytical degree of accuracy when testing for agent weight, the Portalevel Touch is the ideal solution.

To achieve this, we reimagined several elements of the Portalevel® Platform:

      1. Touch screen tablet platform – It is the first device we have ever made utilising a full touch screen, colour display. With highly intuitive controls, it offers a significant leap in user experience.
      2. New Sensor Technology – To obtain the accuracy levels we needed and to work on more complex cylinders, we developed an entirely new sensor technology allowing us to generate more focused and specific signals.
      3. Agent weight calculations – Cylinder schematics are preloaded onto the device itself, giving a very accurate calculation for the cylinder volume. This is paired with our very accurate volume-to-mass conversion calculations. The two combined allow the agent weight to be calculated to over 99% accuracy.


What's in the box

Portalevel Touch tablet

Focused wave sensor


USB Data stick for export


Portatherm Infrared thermometer

Measuring tape

Operating Instructions

Calibration Certificates

Techical specifications


221 mm x 140 mm x 35mm

1.03 KG


1mm liquid level and less than 1% accuracy calculating agent 

Sensor type

5mm piezo electric transducer 

Sensor dimensions

70 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm

supplied with unique sensor face to remove the need for gel or water

BNC and 1m co-ax cable

Verifiable Agents

CO2, NOVEC 1230®, FM-200™ and other clean agent 

Measuring agents

Metric (mm & KG) and Imperial (inches & lbs)

Operating Temperature

-20C to +50C / -4F to 120F


Capacitivty LCD 1024 x 600 touch panel. Sceen 158mm x 85mm

Power supply

Lipo rechargable battery – micro USB charger 

Enclosure Rating



  • Main unit – 3 Year Warranty 
  • Sensor –  1 Year Warranty 
  • Technical Support – Lifetime of the unit


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Frequently asked questions

Where is Portalevel® Touch most valuable?

Fire Servicing Companies working regularly with Clean Agent fire systems. One of the most vital innovations with the Portalevel® Touch is the enhanced ability to operate with and test a wide variety of Clean Agent cylinders including NOVEC™ 1230 , FM200® and other similar agents. Especially in very large cylinders, these can be especially challenging to test.Servicing & Reporting functionality - Cylinder dimensions can be pre-loaded onto the device itself, allowing for a very quick method of calculating the precise agent weight, from the liquid level identified. All this information, including the deviation from the fill mass which should be in the cylinder, can then be stored within the device for export and direct reporting. This can be used for internal audit purposes or given directly to the customer for an enhanced service offering.

Is the Portalevel Touch the most advanced?

As mentioned before, the Portalevel® Touch includes a multitude of technical innovations, never seen before. For those companies looking to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, the Portalevel® Touch is the unit of choice. Every aspect of the device has been reconceived from the ground up and the results is a huge step forward in the level indication capabilities offered by Coltraco Ultrasonics Highly accurate agent weight calculationsNowadays may OEMs are placing higher demands on servicing companies to increase the accuracy with which they calculate the precise agent weight. This is a challenging technical issue as in order to obtain sub 1% accuracy, a hugely detailed concept of the cylinder geometry needs to be understood. Many Portalevel® units are capable of obtaining +/-1 mm accuracy but the unique element of being able to pre-load cylinder dimensions onto the device and complete calculations during servicing is completely unique

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