Capt Erol supports Turkish customers

Turkey is a key market for us for the maritime sector. Ship owners, operators, managers, marine surveyors, marine fire servicing companies all thrive in the country, especially around the key hub of Istanbul. Captain Erol has known Coltraco Ultrasonics for years and has been successfully promoting our range of ultrasonic ship survey and inspection products. Below are photos of his company Tuna Ship Supply headquarters based near Tuzla shipyard.

Capt Erol Turkey Shipping Partner
Capt Erol Turkey Shipping Partner2

IACS Rules - Requirements for Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Service Providers

Marine servicing companies looking to offer ultrasonic watertight integrity tests as part of their service often need to comply with the IACS rules. Hence they will be looking for equipment complying with these.

One leading solution is used for testing watertight integrity of hatch covers on bulk carriers, ensuring water ingress is not a risk factor by identifying leak sites as small as 0.06mm. Cargo damage is one of the most prevalent claims for P&I Clubs. So customers choose Coltraco’s Portascanner WATERTIGHT to quickly and easily test hatch cover tightness. It is more accurate than traditional high pressure hose testing and is cleaner because there is no water run-off. It is more reliable than traditional chalk testing also.

Extract from IACS UR Z17 Rev. 13 (Jan 2018) page 12:
2. Firms engaged in tightness testing of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc. with ultrasonic equipment

2.1 Extent of engagement – Ultrasonic tightness testing of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc.

2.2 Operators – The operator is to have the following qualifications:

• Have knowledge of different closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc. including their design, functioning and sealing features

• Have experience with the operation and maintenance of different closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc.

• Be able to document theoretical and practical training onboard in using the ultrasonic equipment specified

2.3 It shall be demonstrated to the Surveyor that the ultrasonic equipment is fit for the purpose of detecting leakages in closing appliances.

2.4 Procedures – The supplier shall have documented work procedures which shall include the manual for the ultrasonic equipment specified, its adjustment, its maintenance, its operation and approval criteria

Is Portascanner WATERTIGHT right for you?