Portasonic® 2.FLO - Portable, Clamp on, Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter

This non-invasive new instrument was designed for measuring the flow rates of most clean liquids in pipes with gas/solid content less than 10% of volume, built-in thickness gauge and ability to incorporate heat quantity measurements. The instrument can also measure wall thickness (includes A-scan functionality), volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, energy (heat quantity) flow rate, all from one instrument. All measured values can be totalised giving you the total flow rate that has been measured during a particular measurement session.

The Portasonic® 2.FLO has a Unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) driven menu that emphasises intuitiveness and user-friendliness. The instrument is commonly used for fire sprinkler systems, waste water, fuel monitoring, foam proportioner testing. You can learn more on our product page here.

Have a watch of our short 3 minute Sensor Installation video, and our 4 minute Product Overview video presented by our Head of Research, Development, Design & Ergonomics.