Portasonic® CALCULATOR

New February 2021 Tablet-based Flow to Pressure Calculator using flow rate results from the Portasonic®

The only instrument capable of determining the pressure required to drive fluids at a specified flow speed

P/N: 2618949-CALC
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks

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Software on robust 7” electronic tablet giving the world’s first capability in calculating the pressure required to pump a liquid along a pipe that is travelling at the flow speed measured by the Portasonic®

For Portasonic 2.FL0 customers: The perfect product and Award Winning Portasonic  to save your flow and pressure results for better reporting. Combine calculated pressure with readings from the Portasonic® 2.FL0 to verify measured flow speeds and rates against a fixed pressure gauge in the system

Multi-Purpose: Works on 23 different common pipe materials: ABS, aluminium, asbestos, carbon steel, cast iron, cement, copper, ductile iron, epoxy, fibre glass, glass, GRP, lead, nylon, PE, PP, PTFE, PVC, rubber, stainless 403, stainless 316, steel, Teflon

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There are so many advantages and benefits of using the Portasonic®

  • Intuitive: Calculate quickly and easily using an intuitive touchscreen tablet
  • Clear Results: Save data to records and export via USB or email to ensure traceability
  • Accurate: Accounts for temperature and material roughness to produce results of the highest empirical accuracy
  • Reporting: Save the results from your Portasonic® 2.FL0; record and download inspection reports. Filter records by date or by pipe
  • Reliable: Facilitate determination of the expected wear and tear on the system caused by pressure. Facilitate risk assessment of high pressure systems


  • Accurate: Provides a non-invasive alternative to pressure gauges
  • Flow Rate: Combine with the Portasonic® to verify flow speeds and rates
  • Safe: Determine if your pipe is pressurised to within a safe tolerance
  • Innovative: Ergonomic design, lightweight, easy to use for all skill levels

Part of the Level-Flow-Pressure Range

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  • Portasonic 2.FL0 – handheld clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter
  • Permaflow – constant monitoring of flow rate and heat

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Portasonic® CALCULATOR is delivered in a package with everything required to carry out testing:

7 inch handheld tablet

Plus accessories:

1x USB Cable

1x Hand Strap

1x USB Charger

1x Mini Screwdriver

1x User Manual





Waterproof Level

IP67 waterproof




2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G:WCDMA 900/1800/2100MHz

4G:FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B17/B20/B66/B71/B28A/B; TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40/B4

SIM Card

Dual SIM card dual standby (1 micro + 1 nano)


MT6762 Cortex A53 octa core, 2.0GHz; GPU: PowerVR GE8320, 650MHz


Android 9.0

Data Transfer



φ23 loudspeaker, 1 watt

FM Radio

Yes, need to plug in earphone


7.0 inch HD IPS capacitive touch screen, 1280x800px




64GB ROM, support TF card up to 128GB maximally


Double cameras, front 2.0MP camera, 13.0MP back camera with flashlight


Yes, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band WiFi


Yes, also supports A-GPS/GLONSS/BDS




Support, 13.56MHz


Geomagnetic sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, gyro sensor

I/O Ports

1x SIM card slot; 1x TF card slot; 1x Micro USB port; 1x 3.5mm earphone jack


Built-in 8000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Standby Time

Up to 200 hours

Other Features

Calculator, Calendar, Email, WiFi hotspot, OTG function, E-compass etc.




Black & Yellow
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    Why would I use the Portasonic® CALCULATOR instead of a pressure gauge?

    Pressure gauges are invasive and costly to install in pre-existing systems. The Portasonic® CALCULATOR is ideal for obtaining hassle-free pressure measurements. 

    Does the Portasonic® CALCULATOR measure the pressure throughout the whole length of the pipe?

    The pressure in a pipe varies from a maximum value at the input to a minimum value at the output. It is this pressure differential that drives the fluid through the pipe. The Portasonic® CALCULATOR calculates this maximum value based on the measured flow speed. Thus, the value obtained is the maximum pressure at any point in the pipe system, not including added complications such as valves. 

    Does the temperature matter?

    The temperature of a fluid can affect its flow and pressure, which is why the Portasonic® CALCULATOR instructs the user to input the temperature. As long as the substance remains a fluid, the calculations remain valid over a temperature range of -50°C to 150°C. Accuracy, however, decreases with more extreme temperatures. 

    Does the Portasonic® CALCULATOR connect to WiFi?

    Yes, the instrument has inbuilt WiFi connectivity. 

    What is the battery life?

    The battery can last for up to four days. 

    What is the accuracy of the Portasonic® CALCULATOR?

    Excepting the following caveats, the calculated pressure is always accurate to within ±5%. 

    This accuracy holds for clean pipes, free of internal corrosion and residue build-up. It is also valid for temperatures between 10°C and 30°C. Temperatures outside of these bounds will, for the most part, still yield results of a similar accuracy, but these are as yet unverified. 

    Finally, some graded liquids are listed under a general name, for example, crude oil. These take median values for the liquid properties, which will not necessarily be accurate for all grades. 


    The pressure in a pipe system must be closely monitored to ensure it does not exceed safe tolerances. Critically high pressures can lead to pipe failure, damage to property, and risk to personnel. The durability and safe functioning of pipes, pumps, and related equipment are also affected by pressure. Knowledge of the pressure in a pipe system is therefore important for ensuring that the flow is occurring as expected, in a safe and sustainable manner.

    • Portasonic® CALCULATOR is a non-invasive alternative to pressure gauges, which may require costly installation in difficult to reach places.
    • It is, therefore, the only way of quantifying the pressure in any system where the flow speed is known, but there is no apparatus installed for pressure measurement.
    • It can be used with all of your pipes to store records, thereby creating a centralised database of all past tests – perfect for ensuring reliable, traceable reporting.