Head of Global Distribution presented at UK Medtech Offer to the Philippines

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Our Head of Global Distribution, Mrs Chloe Barker was pleased to present our Portascanner® COVID-19, a unique ultrasonic technology designed as a result of being awarded a Covid-19 Emergency Response Grant by InnovateUK in response to the need to ensure suitability of Hospital ICU Wards negative-pressurisation which reduces the spread of airborne infectious diseases.

Coltraco Ultrasonics was one of eight companies to be invited to the virtual conference on the “UK MedTech Offer to the Philippines” organised by the British Embassy Manila – Department for International Trade (DIT), in collaboration with the ECCP.The key points of the presentation included:

  1. Completely eliminating the threat of airborne diseases to public health in buildings, is possible if we take ventilation seriously.
  2. Airborne illnesses spread more rapidly in poorly ventilated indoor spaces. Infected aerosols linger in the air, and are inhaled.
  3. Study after study has shown that ventilation is the best form of removing the presence, of these lingering infected aerosols.
  4. We have the technology and we have the understanding. Airborne viruses are not something we need to accept in hospitals.
  5. Hospital systems are designed to use ventilation techniques, and negative pressure, to stop the spread of airborne diseases.
  6. However this type of ventilation requires plenty of fans, fans that need more power to push air through finer filters. In energy costs alone this adds up quickly. Air leaks cost more as the ventilation systems are less efficient, and in terms of infection spread less effective. Achieving and maintaining airtightness is critically important, and in preventing infection spread, could be vital.
  7. This pandemic has shown that it is time to bring the air quality throughout all hospital buildings up to 21st Century standards, by ensuring that the external envelope, and the internal partitions are all; frequently, regularly and periodically tested for air leaks.

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