Portagauge® 4

The Portagauge 4® is the analytical triple echo thickness gauge for precision survey requirements.

3rd Generation Portable Ultrasonic Triple Echo Thickness Gauge
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The Portagauge 4® uses triple echo technology which allows measurements of the metal independent of any surface coatings such as paint. Accurate to +/- 0.1mm, the Portagauge 4 can measure thicknesses up to 250mm and the resolution can be set to either 0.1mm or 0.05mm depending on requirement. With comfortable rubberized enclosure and the option of a plastic case to protect the unit from dirt, the Portagauge 4 is among the most ergonomic models of the range.

There are also multiple sensor options available:

  • 2.25MHz probe – measuring range of 3 to 250mm
  • 2.5MHz probe – measuring range of 2 to 150mm
  • 5MHz probe – measuring range of 1 to 50mm

Stay Compliant With The Regulations
Portagauge® 4 enables you to go above and beyond regulatory compliance.

NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

9.2.7 Tests During Interior Inspection. Where a drained interior inspection of a steel tank is required by, the following tests shall be conducted:

(3) Non-destructive ultrasonic readings shall be taken to evaluate the wall thickness where there is evidence of pitting or corrosion

(5) Tank bottoms shall be tested for metal loss and/or rust on the underside by use of ultrasonic testing where there is evidence of pitting or corrosion NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler System

References made to NFPA 25 for regular inspection, testing and maintenance.

Class Guideline DNVGL-CG-0285 (Dec 2018) – Section 3 – Basic Requirements – General – 5) Only multiple echo instruments may be used for UTM onboard all ships

How to use the Portagauge® 4 in 4 simple steps:

1. Connect the sensor to the unit.

2. Press the “On” button on the Portagauge® 4 unit.

3. Using the menu button, calibrate the unit to the surface that you are testing.

4. Place the sensor firmly on the surface that you are reading and the Portagauge® will instantly tell you a measurement of the metal thickness in mm.

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Five Core Benefits:

1. Quick testing allows the user to test a large range of metals within a short period of time. Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR automatically adjusts settings at the same time as transmitting recognition data.

2. Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications: fire cylinders, ship hulls, pipework, storage tanks. Ability to work on heavily corroded metal.

3. Triple Echo technology gives true metal thickness ie excluding coating and paint thickness.

4. Highly accurate units – measurements in steps of 0.1mm from 1.5mm – 99.9mm.

5. Portable unit, lightweight, compact and with long-term reliability.

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