UKGov Department for International Trade invites Carl Hunter CEO of Coltraco Ultrasonics to become a 2019 Export Champion, London – February 2019

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Extract taken from the invitation letter from the Department for International Trade:

“The Department for International Trade (DIT) launched its Export Strategy in August 2018, with the objective of increasing the value of GDP through exports from 30% to 35%. The ‘Encourage’ lever of the strategy commits to promoting peer-to-peer learning by forging a community of Export Champions who will encourage others to develop their international sales.

We are, therefore, recruiting a cohort of 2019 Export Champions from across the London region. This is a group of 40 successful and inspirational exporters who are willing to share their time and experience, and encourage more companies to export.


Export Champions are named individuals at companies that have successfully sold overseas and are prepared to encourage others to consider growing their business through exporting. Typically, this could include speaking at export events, telling the story of your export journey; joining roundtable discussions; providing quotes for press releases, hosting ministerial or other VIP visits, contributing to developing DIT strategies; and providing informal guidance and encouragement to companies new to exporting, for example through media activity.


Department for International Trade
3 Whitehall Place, London

Interview with our CEO:

“I am Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, CEO of my company Coltraco Ultrasonics. We are a British designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic technology – designed to improve safety of life, assets and infrastructure on land and at sea.

“We export 89% of our output: 40% Asia, 10% to the Middle East, 15% to Europe, 17% to North America and the balance to South America and Africa. Reflecting our nations’ “special relationship”, the USA is our top export market, contributing 17% to our global trade.

“It has enabled us to become global because of the greater array of competitive influences you experience and overcome.

“I have travelled to 30-40 countries annually across the globe from Asia to North America for 30 years. I have exported to 109 countries now.

“My top recommendation for potential exporters is to study your national market before you travel: the political, economic, military, diplomatic, cultural aspects as well as the target nation’s relationships with the UK and multilateral organisations.”

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