Making corrosion testing easier, faster and cheaper with the Portagauge® 3. The Portagauge® 3 is the low cost single echo thickness gauge.

5 Core Benefits of the Portagauge® 3:

  1. Quick testing allows the user to test a large range of metals within a short period of time. Simple enough for any operator, with quick training for reliable and accurate testing.
  2. Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications: fire cylinders, ship hulls, pipework, storage tanks. Ability to work on heavily corroded metal.
  3. The simplicity of Portagauge® 3 means reliable results are achieved at the lowest cost to our customers. The quality units are built to ensure they meet high standards.
  4. Highly accurate units – measurements in steps of 0.1mm from 1.5mm – 99.9mm.
  5. Portable unit, lightweight, compact and with long-term reliability.

WATCH how to use the Portagauge® 3, just 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect the sensors to the unit (red to red and black to black)
  2. Press the “On” button on the Portagauge® 3 unit.
  3. Place the sensor firmly on the metal surface that you are testing and the Portagauge® will instantly tell you a measurement of the metal thickness in mm.

SEE the Portagauge® 3 here:

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