Accurately monitor your marine CO2 systems using the Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS

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Our brand new Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS makes content testing of marine CO2 systems easy by simply showing LIQUID or GAS.

Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS is light, portable, intuitive and easy to use:

  • Intuitive Screen Indication displaying GAS or LIQUID:
    • Be certain of the contents of your CO2 systems and comply with IMO SOLAS FSS Codes
  • Three Independent Calibration Modes and Four Power Settings:
    • To make easy work of testing different/challenging fire cylinders and agents
    • Ensuring the most accurate measurement possible
  • ABS Type Approved and RINA Accepted.

Using the all-new Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS you can check your liquified gaseous extinguishing systems in 5-25 seconds and benefit from:

  • Quick & Easy: New Intuitive user interface simply shows GAS or LIQUID
  • Regulation Compliance: IMO SOLAS FSS “means shall be provided for the crew to safely check the quantity of the fire extinguishing medium in the containers”
  • Choose 6-12 monthly regulatory compliance by inspecting your marine systems with Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS. Recommended for inspections of shipboard marine CO2 systems using level indicator.

Each unit has a slimline extension rod, just 12mm wide, allows you to easily check between the cylinder banks without having to remove any cylinders from the manifold.