Achieve Watertight and Weathertight Perfection with Portascanner® WATERTIGHT and Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO

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Protect your vessels and marine structures from water leaks and ensure complete watertightness or weathertightness?

Look no further than Portascanner® WATERTIGHT – the ABS Type Approved and RINA Acceptedsolution for quickly inspecting and locating leaks. Monitor ships’ hatch-covers, multiple cable transit areas, cable seal penetrations between watertight compartments, watertight doors and other hatches.

Don’t wait for routine classification society inspections – take control of your ship’s watertightness with Portascanner® WATERTIGHT. Trusted by shipowners, shipmanagers and marine surveyors globally.

Our all-new Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO – the world’s first ultrasonic watertight integrity tester that offers even more! 

Our advanced instrument can not only detect leak sites in Hatch Covers, MCTs, and Watertight doors, but also quantifies their size and calculates water flow rates through each leak. With the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO, you can quickly and easily:

• FIND leak sites 

• QUANTIFY their size 

• MEASURE the flow rate of water through them 

• PHOTOGRAPH leak location 

• Generate detailed REPORT in real-time

Say goodbye to time-consuming and unreliable manual inspections – with the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO, you can ensure your watertight maintenance is always up-to-date and accurate.

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