This hardy Portamarine® unit has been used for training Petrofac’s fire servicing teams in Aberdeen for years! Coltraco Customer Care ensures that even if your unit is one of our first generation models from almost 30 years ago, you will receive premium support from our teams to recalibrate, repair, replace parts, or offer trade in discounts for a new model.

Petrofac are also highlighting a key question we often get asked: “Do I need annual calibration or can I just get a 5 year calibration certificate?” We do not mandate that you get your unit returned for calibration every year, because it is up to the standards that your company operate by. However, as it is safety and measuring equipment, the international standards recommend annual certification. 5 years is not accepted by most audits. To help, we are setting up ODA Service Stations around the globe and provide 48 hour turnaround for most units.