Are you 100% sure your vessel is WATERTIGHT?

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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to test the watertight integrity of your Hatch Covers, MCTs and Watertight Doors?

Look no further than our world-leading, fully ABS Type-Approved & RINA-Accepted – Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS!

But what sets the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS apart is its accuracy, its smart, ergonomic, and rugged design and ease of use. It’s a testament to our history and innovation.

We began in 1993 with our original Watertight Integrity Tester, the Portascanner®. Now – 30 years later we now offer the advanced Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS today.

Our reliability is known. Our technology is trusted by shipping companies and Naval Forces worldwide, including the British Royal Navy and Indian Navy.

Reasons to choose the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS:

  • Accurate detection of holes as small as 0.06mm
  • User-friendly display with 3 modes: Linear, Decibel (dB), and Open-Hatch mode
  • Versatile power settings for small, medium, and large cargo holds and watertight compartments
  • Flexible 5-transducer generator for testing different-sized structures
  • Optimized sensor wand for testing in tight areas like MCTs
  • Time-saving feature with magnetically mountable generator – place on hatch coaming rather than climbing down to the hatch floor
  • Suitable for any operator with training and free lifetime technical support.

Try Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS today!

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