Avoid catastrophic accidents with Portatank®

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How do you check oil level in transformers?

If oil has leaked away, and transformers are opened for maintenance, combustion can occur putting workers at serious risk.

We have a solution for you with our handheld Portatank®.

Use Portatank® to safely and non-invasively locate the oil level inside any transformer in seconds. If oil is at the correct level, it is safe to open. 

The unit can also locate liquid levels in large industrial tanks up to 15 metres wide.

Just a few seconds test can drastically reduce the risk to maintenance crews.

Portatank® Non-invasive level indicator for industrial tanks

NON-INVASIVE:Testing through the outer wall (no opening required).

QUICK TESTING: Easy to use, instant liquid level detection with very clear LED results.

VERSATILE: Identify levels of water/clean liquids in large industrial tanks.

ACCURATE: To +/-10mm with very clear LIQUID / NO LIQUID LED results.

TANK WIDTH RANGE: 0.5 metres – 15 metres.