Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO

Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Quantification Instrument

Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO is a handheld, tablet-based integrity testing system that is able to detect the exact location and size of multiple leaks simultaneously on a single structure. Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO records leak flow rate and location to its database and can export these to a USB to record and report the test results electronically.

P/N: 509004-PRO
NSN: 6625-99-257-8336
IMPA MSG P/N: 652778


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Specialist Digital Leak Identification

Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO allows an operator to photograph a test site before testing which then allows the operator to plot the exact leak location allowing for easy repair and reinspection. Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO also calculates the flow rates of individual leaks as well as an overall leakage rate for a single hatch and can relate these rates to compliance requirements for watertightness and weathertightness.

It requires minimal training and a single operator can non-invasively test a large number of hatches or seals consecutively. This makes Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO a highly accurate and easy-to-use way of ensuring marine safety and regulatory compliance.


Adaptable and Optimisable

Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO can be widely applied to different hatch or room sizes and its system can be adapted for optimum operation by choosing different equipment options or settings:

  • Variable power single transducer ultrasonic generator for precision applications.
  • Triple transducer generator for wider-range applications.
  • Generator tripod stand for better propagation in large cargo holds.
  • Ability to filter test records by date or location to ensure easy processing of results.
  • 2 test modes (quick test and full test) to streamline testing process depending on operational requirements.



Collate Leak Rates into a Total Result:

What's In The Box

  Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO: 7.0" Touchscreen Main Unit
  Portascanner® 1-Transducer Ultrasonic Generator: Variable Power
  Portascanner® 3-Transducer Ultrasonic Generator: Broad Coverage
  Portascanner® Receiver Wand: With Guide Attachment
  3m BNC Coaxial Cable: To Connect The Receiver
  Charging Cable: Micro USB
  Headphones: Audio Feedback Of Leak Detection
  Coltraco USB Drive: 2GB
  USB WiFi Adaptor: Allows Internet Connectivity For Remote Updates
  USB Splitter: For Simultaneous Connectivity
  Generator Tripod Stand: (Optional)
  User Manual: Guidance On How To Use The Equipment
  Calibration Certificate: Verifies Device Functionality And Calibration On Dispatch
  Robust Carrying Case: To Store The Equipment

Technical specifications

Technical Specification

Main Unit: 225x135x35 mm (L x W x D)

1-Transducer Generator: 112x67x25 mm (L x W x D)

3-Transducer Generator: 215x82x30 mm (L x W x D)

Sensor Wand: 230mm (L) x 35mm (Diameter)

Unit Weight

Main Unit: 1051g

1-Transducer Generator: 137g

3-Transducer Generator: 420g (with batteries)

Power Supply

Main Unit: Rechargeable LiPo Battery (Micro-USB)

1-Transducer Generator: Rechargeable LiPo Battery (Micro-USB)

3-Transducer Generator: 2x PP3 9V Batteries

Battery Life

Main Unit: 6 Hours Continuous Use

1-Transducer Generator: 6 Hours Continuous Use

3-Transducer Generator: 12 Hours Continuous Use

Sensor Type

25mm Flexible Receiver Wand

Sensor Connectivity

3m BNC Coaxial Cable

Generator Frequency


Operating Temperature

 -10°C to +65°C (14°F to +149°F)

IP Rating

IP65 (Enclosure), IP68 (USB Connectors)


7.0" Capacitive Touchscreen, LCD back-lit. Resolution: 1024 x 600.

Minimum Leak Detection

0.06 mm ±0.02mm Leak Diameter


±10% for leaks 0.5mm-20mm

Classifications & Approvals

RINA Classification Society Accepted, ABS Type Approval


UKCA, CE, Manufactured in UK and Coltraco is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 registered.

  • Main unit: 3 years
  • Sensor: 1 year
  • Technical Support: Lifetime of the unit

See the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO in action.

Frequently asked questions

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO has the highest accuracy of any leak quantification instrument of its kind. Our in-house experiments have demonstrated a high level of accuracy (within ±10%) in leak-size quantification, which has been independently verified by the National Physical Laboratory. Flowrate accuracies are subject to user error in input measurements such as seal thickness and roughness, as well as the shape of the leak, however, our empirical formulae are calibrated to the upper error bound, so you can be sure that the true waterflow rate will not significantly exceed the calculated value.
No, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO can be used with people in the room, as long as they do not directly interfere with the test (i.e. standing directly between the generator and receiver).
To some extent, yes, however the application will guide the operator through finding an optimal position for the generator. Generally, though, the generator should point directly at the structure to be tested, positioned with transducer approximately centred on the structure at a distance of between 0.5 and 5 metres.
No, it does not matter, the test should be performed from whichever side is most convenient and practical. For example, if the operator is testing a door that leads onto a corridor, we would suggest placing the generator inside the room and performing the measurements from the corridor so as not to obstruct the full width of the corridor.
Yes, there is no complicated equipment required for a test, just the generator and the hand-held Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO unit. In the case of an emergency, the operator may simply leave; all that may happen is the generator will use battery power and may need to be recharged.
Currently, a USB drive is required to export the reports. This will be included in the package; however, any USB drive can be used.

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P/N: 509004-WTPLUS
NSN: 6625-99-257-8336
IMPA MSG P/N: 652778


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