CASE STUDY: Demonstrating the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT in Dubai, UAE.

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Our exclusive distributor, Innovations Technical Equipment Trading Co LLC, together with our Technical Sales Engineer, Ms. Leah Lucmayon, successfully demonstrated the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT to customers in Dubai, UAE in April 2023.

Most prominent from the demonstration is that that there is no need to pressurise the room when conducting an airtightness test with the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT. There does not need to be any airflow currently occurring for the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT to pick up the potential for future airflow.  

The Portascanner® AIRTIGHT can be used prior to the installation of HVAC and FPE. It can also be used when ventilation has been installed but is turned off, or if it is not functioning correctly.

In a new build programme, or in a retrofit, it is disruptive and costly, to have to pause the ongoing programme of works, so that required intermediate air leakage tests can be conducted. 

The Portascanner® AIRTIGHT means the quality of the build programme can be checked continuously, as and when necessary with minimal obstruction, will make the entire build programme flow more efficiently, as the cost savings will be significant.

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