Case Study: Power Station Chooses 24/7 Fire System Monitoring – Permalevel® SINGLE POINT

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A leading UK Gas-Fired Power Station has chosen to improve their fire safety. Coltraco’s Director of Sales and R&D Manager successfully installed the Permalevel® SINGLE POINT 24/7 fire system monitoring system.

Market Sector:

Gas-Fired Power


Fixed FM-200® liquefied gaseous fire suppression system

Traditional method:

Annual inspection using handheld tools or weighing

Innovative solution:

24/7 continuous monitoring systems

Product Overview:

The Permalevel® Single Point provides constant contents verification of fixed fire suppression systems, essential at a safety critical site such as a power station. At this power station, the Permalevel® Single point was installed on 2 x 60KG and 180KG FM-200® cylinders. Permalevel TM Single Point was originally developed for the UK Atomic Energy Sector and has now been in service for over 12 years as fixed 24/7-fire suppressant monitoring system. It is designed for up to 5 individual fire suppression cylinder-monitoring applications.

The PermalevelTM Single Point has different alarm capabilities to the Permalevel Multiplex and benefits from being a simpler system that operates on lesser cylinders. Permalevel Single Point provides truly continuous and non-invasive monitoring using ultrasonic technology. Immediate notifications are sounded in a variety of formats when there is a drop in the level of liquid suppression agent in the cylinder. The system is a simple and effective way to ensure the level within a container is continuously and constantly verified in real time therefore guaranteeing safety in case of fire.

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