CASE STUDY: Replacing Magnetic Flowmeter – Major Textile Company in Singapore

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Coltraco Ultrasonics Permaflow® System has been installed at a Major Textile Company in Singapore to replace a magnetic flow meter.

The pictures below are from the installation at the Clothes and Fabric Plant in Singapore, now with efficient and enhanced constant flow monitoring:

Issue: Coltraco Ultrasonics exclusive distributor in Singapore for Fluids Handling, were approached by one of their major customers, a global clothes and fabric manufacturer with a plant in Singapore, who had an issue with a faulty magnetic flowmeter. The customer required an efficient and non-invasive solution in order to measure chill water without any destruction to the operation.

Solution: Our exclusive distributor supplied the Permaflow®, a fixed, clamp-on, ultrasonic transit time flow and heat meter that is non-invasive for measuring the flow rates of liquids containing less than 10% of gas/solid contents. It is mains powered, designed for 24/7 monitoring and is accurate to +/- 0.5% of measured value under ideal conditions. The flow sensors were supplied with 15m cable as the measurement location was located far away from the installation panel. There was no reported issues with signal transmission at such distances. The advanced non-invasive ultrasonic flow & heat meter was also supplied with 4-20MA Output so that the customer could integrate the Permaflow® with their systems.

Customer Feedback: The Operation and Maintenance team at the Major Textile Company is happy with the Permaflow®, because it is non-invasive, there was no production loss during the implementation and installation, and the readings on the system are accurate.

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