CASE STUDY: Successful application of the Portagauge® 5 for for the airline in the Faroe Island.

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The airline in the Faroe Island, successfully utilise the Portagauge® 5, multiple echo thickness gauge for testing aluminium sheets on aircrafts.

Issue:  Most airplanes today are made of aluminium, a strong, yet lightweight metal. In the Faroe Island, the airline required the capability to measuring the thickness of an aircraft skin which is aluminum alloy, to test for corrosion and degradation, with a specific need to measure thickness in smaller pipes and aluminum sheets ranging from 1.5mm to 50mm.

Solution: Coltraco Ultrasonics supplied the Portagauge® 5 with a 6mm diameter probe to support the customer’s needs. The Portagauge® 5 was chosen because it includes A-scan and oscilloscope trace functionality to assist measurements, observe material condition and help verify correct return backwall echo to give confidence in the measuring of correct wall thickness.

Customer Feedback: The Engineering Team at the airline is happy with the Portagauge® 5 and the 6mm diameter probe. The customer wrote “Your product is doing the job and we´re really satisfied with it.