CEO attends UK – U.S. Marine Technology SME Best Practice Exchange 2019

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We are proud to be part of the UK-US SME dialogue. Established by the Prime Minister and the President in 2017 it aims to develop further the extraordinary trade and investment relationship between our countries by placing SME’s into contact with each other in partnership with our respective Governments. The USA is the UK’s largest national market accounting for over 18% of UK exports. In our manufacturing company we export 17% of our total output to the USA. I have travelled to the USA to build our exporting position for nearly 30 years and, so diverse is the USA geographically and economically, that I have learned there are “many America’s” to export to.

The Government’s GREAT campaign is the single most successful cross-departmental achievement I have seen from Government in 28 years in business. I warmly encourage you to register your company and your products and services in . The Department for International Trade recently published the Export Strategy. It aims to increase UK exporting from 30% of GDP to 35% so as to make our country a top G7 exporting nation. Together with the Industrial, Environmental, Maritime and Defence Modernisation Strategies the Government’s Export Strategy signals the greatest amount of applied thought that I have seen in my military and business careers.

The UK is the world’s 6th largest exporter. It comprises 2.3m companies, 8,000 of which employ over 250 people generating 46% of all private sector employment and 54% of revenue. But it is the 2.3m SME’s which account for 54% of all UK employment and 46% revenue. The Export Strategy makes clear that only 8.8% of UK companies export at all. To become the world’s 3rd or 4th global exporter we need many more UK companies to export and there is no market more powerful and more open to British opportunity than the USA. Exporting exposes UK companies to greater customer opportunities and greater competition. Combined these make your business stronger.

The Secretary of State for International Trade speaks powerfully of the UK role in helping greater national prosperity so as to deliver enhanced social cohesion and stability. This contributes to our greater collective security, and generates greater global stability and global prosperity. Ministers at the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy are working exceptionally to aid the future of our economy so as to make best use of the opportunities at home and to increase our exports and investments overseas.

They are ably supported by exceptional British civil servants who are the “jewel in our national crown”. I warmly encourage you to speak with your regional International Trade Advisor at DIT and ask them to place you into contact with the UK-US SME Dialogue teams at DIT and BEIS, so that you and your company can grow your business in our largest national exporting market in the USA and play your part in the very bright future our country has in bringing greater prosperity at home. And globally too.

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